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Being CR8TiV is a endless learning process …

on June 28, 2014

creativityHello ! Hope your weekend is starting off in a positive way. I had to repost this image bcuz it holds so true especially to me at least. I have been CR8TiV since the day I got my hands on a paintbrush or glob of playdoh in kindergarten but after 20+ yrs. of creating and crafting there are alot of mistakes made, learned, and frustrating moments where I hit a snag in a project.

My recent one has to be with paracord bracelets. If you read my previous post I explained that I am currently addicted to making paracord “Survival” bracelets. I made one ofr my husband which he loves wearing and a co-worker requested me to make him one in Black and Camouflage.

I didn’t have any camoflage color so I made a trip to my craft store to get some. My local Jo-Ann’s store was having a sale on paracord items. I bought a BIG 50 pack of buckles to use for my paracords but these buckles were double slotted on one end. (┬ ⌂ ┬) I’ve never used these double slotted ones before so I was a bit unsure how to use them.

This time there were no tutorials on YouTube to teach me how to loop through the double slots. But I did find a photo step by step but I learn better watching a video. So I had to go blind with this one and experiment, make mistakes, learn, and grow ! This expedition of trying to figure out how to loop through the double slots really did push my buttons. There were a few times I did shout in frustration with my husband looked at me like (Ó⌂ò) and suggested I take a break ?

But (ܱÜ) But I was determined to figure this out and wasn’t gonna stop til I got it down. Eventually I did get it which made me feel like Einstein finding the answer to his theory of relativity. I shouted OMG YES !! It scared my dog Leila jump and she scampered away as she was laying next to me as I figured out this double slot.

Finally was able to figure it out but had to stop from completely finishing the bracelet. You know you’re seriously addicted to a craft when you develop injuries in the process. Tugging on the paracord string to ensure it’s tightly woven has given me sorta a blister/callus on my right middle finger. It’s a tad red and sore so guess I gotta give my paracord bracelet addiction a rest to give my poor finger time to heal up.

Umm … for those of you who are also into making Paracord bracelets and have trouble figuring out the measurements for the bracelets I found this really good reference chart **(See Image Below ↓)

Paracord Chart

I don’t follow the Bracelet Spine lengths bcuz general rule is to make your paracord strings of equal length as it’s been to finish and still have plenty of string left than finishing and not having enough string making your bracelet too short. I tried using the 8 ½” inch bracelet with the 21″ inches x 85″ inches and the bracelet didn’t come out to 8 ½” inches. But when I just used the 85″ inches for both colors I was able to make the bracelet the length I wanted and still have some left in case I need it longer.

Give it a try !! It’s quite easy to weave a paracord bracelet. (=~=) Really wish I could make some video tutorials for you guys or at least maybe a photo to photo step by step but I don’t really have a proper craft space to do any type of filming. I promise in the future when my husband and I get a home of our own I’ll start up a whole shabang of interactive tutorials for my CR8TiV Arts. Enjoy your weekend and B3 CR8TiV !!



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