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Paracord Survival ….

on June 26, 2014


Hey, everyone ! Sorry I haven’t been posting up any Art or anything lately. I’ve been busy with my *new* addiction which is making paracord bracelets. I’ve seen these around and actually bought a couple but never realized just how easy it is to make one. If you can tie your own shoes then this can easily be done and once you learn the basics you can use any type of string from shoelace string to yarn to make one of these.

A fair warning though it takes ALOT of string to make just 1 paracord bracelet. The inner weave doesn’t require alot of string but it’s the outer weave that does. The outer weave string needs to be at least twice the length of the inner weave if not a little more. For example if your inner string is 30″ inches long … you’ll need at least 60″ inches for the outer but give a few more just in case so go with like 68″ inches. You can always cut off the excess.

I started learning paracord from a kit I bought at Walmart for $5. It’s a small plastic container with everything you need to make 6 bracelets but mine apparently was used, returned, and repackaged by Walmart bcuz I had some items missing and was only able to make 3 bracelets with enough string left for maybe 1 more ? Thankfully the nice people at LeisureArts who make the starter kit are nice enough to mail me replacement items to replace the missing pieces.

Again YouTube my favorite teacher has TONS of tutorials on how to make advance bracelet designs. I kinda like the dual colored ones like the ones pictured above. I’m still debating whether to open a Etsy account and sell some of these bracelets on there. (-_-) I just don’t like that Etsy takes a small chunk of your profits. I know it’s only fair bcuz you’re using their site to sell but I kinda like profits going to my pocket as I’m the one who put the work into making the products.

But I guess whatever way I chose someone is going to be taking a small chunk. If I take payments to PayPal they take a chunk to withdrawl any amount out but it’s a small chunk. Anyways I’m wandering away again. So Paracord bracelets are also known as Survival bracelets and not too many people know what the Survival part is about.

Let me share it with you … They are call Survival bracelets bcuz they require a quite amount of length of string to make. I generally make mine using a even length for both inner and outer weave. I made a bracelet for my husband yesterday and I used 90″ inches of string which equals out to 7.5′ feet of string.

Now here’s the survival part of Paracord “Survival” bracelets … If you are ever camping or lost in the wilderness a paracord bracelet can easily be cut and unraveled giving you 7.5′ feet of rope to use in multiple ways from tying branches together to make shelter, If you use a paracord with the number 550 on it that means it will hold 550 lbs. of weight so if you need to climb up a tree to get away from a bear or to get a higher view you can use your paracord rope, and God forbid you get injured and need a torniquet the paracord rope will work. So wherever you can use a rope you can use from your paracord bracelet which is why they call it survival bracelet.

I just find it another relaxing project to keep me busy and occupied during the week. I hope to get back to drawing or clay work again real soon. Just taking a break from all that at the moment. But I am working on some clay gifts for 2 pet grooming businesses. I’ll post WIP *Work In Progress* and completion pics on my Instagram @ MYTCR8TiV.


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