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\(nDn)/ 50 Facebook Likes !!

on June 19, 2014


Thank you for the 50 likes on my Facebook page @

It is really a wonderful feeling to know that I am slowly but surely growing a fan base for myself and I hope that in the future I can improve my ways of sharing my Artistic talents with you more. Thank you for liking me on Facebook and I hope that you will share with your friends and also share you CR8TiV projects on the page as well.

As my way of Thanks I have planned a 1st giveaway but need your help. Which sounds better to you ?

[] Plan A : Randomly pick a winner from the list of 50 likers who has liked my page to win a custom handrawn artwork by me

[] Plan B : Create a Celebration Artwork and the first three people to comment on it will win a handrawn artwork by me.

Plan B to me sounds more better for you guys bcuz three(3) people get to win instead of just one but what do you guys think ? Comment below and let me know. I’ve decided with each Like milestone I reach the giveaway prize will become more and more EPIC. So the next giveaway will be at 100 likes ! Good Luck and Thank you for liking !!


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