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Endless CR8TiVity ….

on June 13, 2014

creativity\(n D n)/ Good Morning and Happy Friday ! Hope you’re going to be having a CR8TiV weekend. So CR8TiVity is something that is infinite and endless. Being CR8TiV is a lifelong learning process ! You learn everyday whether it’s trying to learn something *new* or perfecting a skill you already have. The quote I posted above by Mary Lou Cook describes it perfectly !! CR8TiVity is about growing, experimenting, discovering or sculpting who you are as an Artist.

(u_u) I’ve been drawing since the day I could hold a crayon and it’s taken many MANY years before I’ve reached the spot I am today. Even though I have over 20+ yrs. of experience there’s alot I still have to learn. With the help of YouTube, Pinterest, DeviantArt, etc. I’m able to learn *new* techniques or perfect ones that needs improving.

(O_o) June is almost over and we’re half way through the 2014 year. Can you believe it that it’s only 6 months away from 2015 ? How’s those New years resolutions coming along ? LOL Of course I’m not very good at keeping up with resolutions so I bailed on that years ago. I kinda prefer to just live everyday life as it happens without any schedule, plan, to-do list, etc. Just let whatever happen happen and continue on with my everyday life. It’s less stressful in my opinion.

Anyways I wanted to end my 2014 year by doing something challenging and challenge myself while giving back to others through my Art. This is something I personally wanted to do but I thought maybe you guys might enjoy it too. So I’ve always loved Animals ! All sorts of animals from wild to domestic. (=~=”) Not too fond of certain bugs but I like butterflies, ladybugs, etc. Just not things like Spiders and Cockroaches !! (>∩<)

Now for Domestic I ♥ Dogs and Cats !! I have two(2) dogs … Leila who just turned 2 yrs. old and Moose who just turned 8 yrs. old. (n_n) I’m such a proud K9 Mama to know that my widdle Moose that I adopted at 5 months is now an old and happily aging 8 yr. old. Leila who was such a tiny pup is now a BIG lady !! My Mom calls Leila the Black Bear. 😛 She kinda does resemble one. If you were to mix a Black Bear with a Wolf that’s what my Leila looks like. She’s all Black in color and just a big teddy bear. Hehe …

So my personal sending off 2014 with a challenge idea is to draw different dog breeds. I’ve been trying to draw out different dog breeds. I drew my friends Pomchi “Powder” which sadly got Lost and never been found. I’m currently drawing a Pomeranian … One of my favorite dog breeds and dream pet. My God-Mother was a Pom Breeder and used to have almost 20 Pomeranian living in her garage til she retired. Her final and last Pomeranian passed away at the age of 21. But I used to love helping her raise the Pom puppies and care for them too. I grew up with those puff balls ! (ñ_ñ)

My personal challenge is to draw a different dog breed by the end of 2014. I figured I’d end up stuck with a album of dog breed portraits and I have a pile of finished artwork all over the house. I dunno what to do with them after I’ve finished them. Most of them I do post up on my Facebook page or one of my other Gallery pages like on Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. But I thought I’d do my first *FREE* Giveaway challenge by drawing your pet dog. Just send me a photo of your dog and I’ll handraw your dog portrait and color it as well. I will email you the finished drawing and mail it to you *FREE* with the additional option of donating a few bucks to have it framed or for more Art Supplies so I can do more art giveaways in the future.

So what do you think ? Does this seem like something you’d like to participate in ? If so just email me at : or message me on Facebook. ( ‘ _ ^) Either way I’m gonna try drawing a different dog breed each week but I thought it’d be an extra challenge if I draw your pet instead. I’ll do cats in the future for those of you who don’t have a dog. (=~=”) I still need improvement on drawing cats. Hehe … *ahem* *clears throat*


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