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Not all Colored Pencils are the same …

on May 30, 2014


Happy Friday ! I hope you’ll have a CR8TiV weekend !! So I want to say I finally got myself a set of Prismacolor Colored Pencils. My husband won the monthly gift card raffle at his work and picked out a $25 Staples gift card !! So with that plus+ using for the Staples Price Match guarantee I was able to get a 48 color set for like $6 dollars. Once in a lifetime deal, huh ? So soon as I got home I put the Prismacolors to the test as my usual colored pencils were Crayola colored pencils or my years old collection which consisted of Prang, RoseArt, No-Name Brands, and Crayola mixed in.

I have to admit Prismacolors do go down smoothly and completely cover the coloring area without leaving any white patches. Crayola tends to do that unless you press down hard to color darkly and evenly so there are no white patches. But I guess bcuz I’m not used to using such a high-end professional quality coloring pencil set I was kinda (¬~¬) Meh ! About the Prismacolor pencils. I went to grab a Red Prismacolor pencil but my set doesn’t have a Red. There’s a Crimson Red, Carmine Red, Poppy Red … (@~@) I’m just so used to just grabbing the colored pencil called Red – Rojo and not being bombarded by the variety of Red hues. (=_=) Not to mention none of these are the red hue I was lookin for.

I am still grateful that I was even able to get a set of Prismacolor pencils but this 48 set doesn’t really offer a large variety of colors. I have to say that to be honest I was quite disappointed by all the hype that my fellow Art friends gave me about how great Prismacolor pencils were. They are insanely expensive costing you like $200 for a 150 color set. But I think after having this 48 colors Prismacolor set it made me appreciate and realize that my small 50 color Crayola crayon set isn’t as bad of a quality. You have a large array of colors to choose from and they are very affordable not to mention last you YEARS !! I think I’ve had my old set for over 5+ yrs !! Certain colors are down to stumps like Black, Blue, Red … colors I tend to use most often. But I now appreciate them and know having high quality art products isn’t all that you think it’s suppose to be. Sometimes having low-end are just as good as high-end.

Now I want to share a review on another brand of coloring pencils that I decided to give a try. It’s called CraZArt ? I often wondered if they’re RoseArt just under a *new* name but after doing internet research they’re made by a former RoseArt’s CEO or something. Anyways I bought the 72 color set @ Walmart for $5 dollars and gave it a go. I love that their colors are given professional sounding names and the package claims to have vibrant colors which they do. My one and only gripe is that when going to sharpen them the tip broke several times. But I’m not blaming the coloring pencil itself quite, yet. I think my cheap dollar store pencil sharpener might be to blame.

These pencils in my opinion do out perform the Crayola colored pencils as they are vibrant in color and the colors layout alot smoother than the Crayola which tend to leave white patches. I like having a large variety of colors and I think if you’re looking for a nice set of coloring pencils with a variety of color choices buy a pack of Crayola 50 color colored pencils and the 72 color CraZArt colored pencils together combined you’ll have approx. 122 colors to chose from. Some colors that Crayola has CraZArt doesn’t and what CraZArt doesn’t have Crayola has so that alone should balance any issues with color variety. I think spending like $13 bucks for approx. 122 colors is alot more affordable than paying almost $200 for 150 colors of Prismacolors.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post up my review on these Glitter markers I purchased from Target for $2.99 compared to the Atyou Spica Glitter markers which can cost about $10 for 6. Please, feel free to comment and let me know if you are finding my frugal craft artist product reviews helpful and if you have any you’d like to share.


23 responses to “Not all Colored Pencils are the same …

  1. estefany says:

    I was wondering since you didnt like the 48 Prismacolor set… would you maybe consider selling it?

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      I was thinking about that since I am not using the Prismacolor set. I used it once or twice and have not touched it since. I do like how the color layout is smooth but I can’t see any difference between using cheapy Crayola colored pencils and Prismacolor. You can get a smooth color layout by applying a little bit more pressure than usual on Crayola colored pencils and for an even more complete color coverage buy a colorless blender marker like from Promarkers or just take a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to blend the colors better. It will remove streaking that coloring pencils tend to do. Let me know if you’re interested in buying my Prismacolor set.

  2. Lucy says:

    So, you go those craZart pencils at Walmart? Do you have to got to certain Walmart or do all of them contain it? Please reply!

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      Most stores carry the CraZart colored pencils but Walmart has the cheapest price on them. I’d go with the 72 color set if you’re like me an like color variety. But in all honest opinion their formulation has changed just like Crayola that their pigmentation is lacking now. I bought a *new* set recently and the colors weren’t as vibrant as my 5-8 yr. old set I have leftover. If you live in California there is a Walmart in Baldwin Park right off the 10 fwy they sell a 12 color set Prismacolor pencils for $15. I am changing my opinions on Prismacolor pencils just the 12 set alone is all you need since the colors blend together beautifully !! Don’t have a pink ? Just scribble down red and go over in white til you get the right tint of pink you want. I really miss RoseArt though. They were a great colored pencil brand but you won’t find any RoseArt colored pencils least the 50 color set unless you order online. Hope this reply helped !! Thanks for visiting my blog !! 😉

  3. Mam says:

    If you can get them in your country I would suggest you check out Colleen pencils they are pretty good!

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      (n_n) Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t think they carry Colleen pencils where I live which is California USA as I’ve never heard of them before. My thoughts on Prismacolor pencils have changed though. When I was lucky enough to get the 48 color set for the first time I was iffy about the colored pencils and still preferred to use the Crayola but since they have change the ratio of Pigment in their colored pencils now I purchased a 12 color Prismacolor set and been using them so much they’re down to almost nubs. You don’t really need the larger sets as the colors blend very nicely so you can get quite a range with using just primary colors but I still prefer to get a larger set just struggling to afford it even with Craft store coupons. I know I can get a 150 color set on Amazon for under $130 but I’m not much of an online shopper.

      • JC says:

        You can get Colleen on Ebay or Amazon they even have NEON colors!!..You wont be disappointed. I strongly recommend them…

  4. Leslie Woods says:

    I love having the exact sets you like, Crazyart 72 and Crayola 50. I really need no others. Your review is spot on! Thanks!

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      With some luck and coupons I was able to get myself two(2) Prismacolor pencil sets … the 12 color set and the 48 color set. Although I dream to one day have the 150 colors. With the 60 Prismacolors, 72 CraZArt, and 50 Crayola that’s a total of roughly 182 colors I can chose from which make up for the missing colors that my Prismacolor set doesn’t have. Also a little bit of Baby oil, Gamsol “Mineral Spirits”, or a good colorless blender and you’ll soon figure out that you may not need the 150 color Prismacolor set. You just learn to stretch what you already have if going for a expensive brand or pack isn’t in your budget. Thanks for visiting my blog !

  5. Penny says:

    The crazart coloured pencils are crap. You can’t sharpen them because the tips break off. I even used a new sharpener as well. What a waist of money and time.

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      Sadly yes I would have to agree on that part. RoseArt is a lot better than CraZArt and CraZArt is actually run by a former RoseArt CEO or something like that. I hardly see or find RoseArt colored pencils anywhere at least nothing bigger than the 12 color set. I just gentle sharpen them to a blunt point rather than fully sharpen them to a point. They seem to work fine without breaking that way but still sharp enough to color or use them.

      • sue says:

        I find they break no matter how I sharpen them. When I wrote the company they told me they had a bad batch and sent me a new set — that do the exact same thing. They are a total waste of money.

      • MYT CR8TiV says:

        I’ve never had that issue with RoseArt pencils but with CraZArt they do tend to break easily. I’ve had a pack where almost ALL the pencil tips broke after sharpening them and by the time I did get them to work they were itty bitty useless stubs that not even a toddler can hold onto. I’m not really sure what’s the deal with RoseArt and CraZArt is but I heard a rumor that the CEO “Larry” of CraZArt was the former CEO of RoseArts and brother of RoseArts CEO had a falling out. It’s very hard to find RoseArts colored pencils now as they’re all CraZArt. I can find the 12 packs but the only 72 color is hard to find if even existent anymore. I’m just enjoying my Prismacolors and actually retract my previous thoughts on them.

  6. Walmart has now stopped carrying the 72 count Cra-z-art pencils. And you can only get them on amazon or some other place for about $15 or $19. Too bad because I love these pencils.

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      Not all Walmarts maybe just the ones you go to bcuz the one I go to still carry the 72 color set. I do still prefer RoseArt over the CraZArt colored pencils. Some of the CraZArt pencils the tip constantly breaks even after sharpening that when it stops breaking or falling out the pencil is only 3″ inches long. (>⌂<) But are you sure your price is right ? I don't pay $15 or $19 for the 72 color set it's under $10 at my Walmart.

  7. Michelle says:

    If you want a TRUE prismacolor red… Prismacolor Pencils do come in singles, pick up your very own PC923- Scarlet Lake Red. You won’t be disappointed!!

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      Oo … I’ll have to try that. I had a Lake Red in I think either my Crayola or RoseArt set and it’s down to a nub about a inch tall. In my 48 color Prismacolor set the only red closest to Red is the Crimson Red.

  8. Lesia Shackelford Miracle says:

    I purchased the 36 colored pencils to use with an adult coloring book,& I am so disappointed with your product! Once you have to sharpen them,you are so screwed. Half of them were hollow,meaning no lead at all!! Thank u for nothing!!!!!!

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      Although I am not affiliated with any company which colored pencil brand are you talking about ? CraZArt colored pencils are of poor quality and so are the RoseArts. They aren’t what they used to be. I’m sorry the set you got were faulty and of poor quality.

      My suggestion is to contact the manufacturer via website or their customer service number on the package and state your dissatisfaction. Most will issue a refund or replacement. You could also try returning them to the store you bought them from.

      • tanu says:

        I might be able to buy those prisma colors colored pencil, Please let me know the price

      • MYT CR8TiV says:

        After awhile using them and learning techniques and tools for color blending, burnishing, etc. I have decided that I like Prismacolors ! I am still not able to afford a 150 color set but I have a few of the smaller packs like the 12, 24, and 38. They will do for the time being but I hope to get the 150 set in the near future if my wallet allows me to.

  9. adelineh5888 says:

    Start posting again. You and I have the same ordinary pencils and we’re happy with them.

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      Thank you for your encouragement to start posting again. *ugh* (>~<) My current work schedule and personal life has kept me away from doing ANY blog posts on here as much as I like to. I have product reviews for brush markers I'd like to share, techniques and tips for brush lettering beginners, etc. I just don't have the time and energy to post it all up. I work in retail so right now is the busiest time with my holidays being taken over by work schedule. But I'll try to post something up soon. So stay in touch and subscribe so you'll know when it's post up.

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