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Temporary Tattoos not just for Skin …

on May 11, 2014


Happy Mother’s Day ! Hope you all have a great weekend spending time with your Mother. So how many of you have come across sheets of temporary tattoos at a dollar store or those 50¢ vending machines in the grocery store that your kids beg you for quarters for ? These temporary tattoos are very useful for CR8TiV craft uses as well and not just for your skin. When I often see a cute Temporary tattoo for 50¢ at my grocery store. I don’t hesistate to grab few so as long as I have some quarters in my coin pouch.

Temporary tattoo easily adhere to any surface and easily remove just as easy as it was applied. I’ve used them on glass jars, cups, and even a wine glass. You adhere them just as you would to apply to your skin … wet the back of the tattoo and wait 30 seconds then remove the backing paper. They work great on paper !! If you wanna decorate a note card for someone’s Birthday or just add some roses or goth look to a letter you just peel off the clear plastic, adhere to the paper, wet the back, wait 30 seconds, peel off the paper, and let the paper dry. When you wet the paper you don’t exactly drench the paper but just moisten it. Once dried you can embellish it some more.

Give it a try and I swear you’ll be hoarding temporary tattoos whenever you see them as most are very inexpensive than actual craft use rub-on transfers. Off topic I want to say Farewell and Rest In Peace to Sharpie. I’ve used Sharpie for a very long time but the quality of the markers has changed over the years. I am now finding that most sharpie markers bleed through to the other side. Even if I use heavy duty paper like an Art pad made for ink and marker use … Sharpie still bleeds through. They weren’t like that before and gave me crisp clean lines without a bleeding but lately I’ve been finding my Sharpie markers even the Ultra-Fine points bleed.

So I am saying Farewell to Sharpie and going on a search for a cheaper and better alternative. I have tried just plain black gel pens but some gel pens tend to bleed through as well. For now I have found ordinary Crayola markers fine point to not bleed through my paper but I need more than just one pen with the amount of drawing and artwork I do daily. Hopefully I can go to my local office supply store to see what pens I can find or maybe find a better Sharpie alternative like Marks-A-Lot or Papermate markers that won’t bleed through. I know I can use Artists quality markers like Copic, Pigma Micron, or Sakura Gel pens but I can’t afford those. I will let you know when I find a pen/marker that will not bleed through the other side. Til then stay CR8TiV !


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