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Are you going to have a Crafty Weekend ?

on April 25, 2014

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Hello everyone !! Happy Friday !! So the weekend is coming up … what will you be doing this weekend ?? I’m again jumping from one craft project to another. I explained before that I kinda have crafters ADD where I can’t stay focused on just one craft project I have so many unfinished art projects as I started on one then got interested in another. If you remember my post about Spirograph I am current obessed with quilling. I purchased a Quilling Kit from Blitsy as an early Birthday present to myself. If you are thinking about trying quilling you MUST get this Quilling kit … this kit comes with a reusable storage box that has storage space on both sides. It comes with EVERYTHING you need to get started !! What comes in the kit is Two(2) Quilling tools – A slotted tool and Needle too, Quilling paper, Tweezers, Circle shape ruler, A tube of Elmers craft glue, and a instruction booklet.

Quilling may seem difficult but it’s quite simple as everything starts off from a round circle but pinched in a certain way and you got a vast array of shapes to work with. I’m working on a quilled Pikachu which I might use as my 50 likes Giveaway item for my Facebook page. I’ll post pictures of it when I get the chance. Hope you have a great weekend and remember to try to b3 CR8TiV and b3 iNSPiR3D everyday !!


2 responses to “Are you going to have a Crafty Weekend ?

  1. -k says:

    So glad you love the kit!! We will definitely have it back on soon!!

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      I do ! I love the Quilling kit with reusable storage. The other kits I purchase were a bit of a disappointment but I’m still happy I got them even though. Can’t wait to grab some other great steals from Blitsy soon. Just got my french knitters and can’t wait to give them a go with my scrap yarns. You guys rock !!

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