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CR8TiV EXPLOSiON !! *KaBooM* \(∩∩)/

on April 24, 2014

Amy-Ms-Creative-Mind-1bkhy8xI have no idea what is going on but I have fallen into a CR8TiV Explosion mode. As some would call it … I’m on a Roll !! I’ve been getting so many CR8TiV project ideas that my hands can’t keep up with it all. Random doodles have turned into something that I would like to expand on. I started drawing a random teddy bear but it was so cute I started thinking of creating storybook or something using the teddy bear. A friend suggested I create a few more characters to go along with the bear. I sat with a blank brain trying to think what friends would go with this cute teddy bear.

I looked at a Moose stuffed animal sitting on the couch next to me and I started to draw him into a cartoon form. He looked so darn adorable and matched with the teddy bear. Next thing I knew I have woodland critters … a Bear, a Moose, a Rabbit, and a Fox. I then started thinking up a storyline to go with the storybook. I was thinking of making a story about the four(4) of them having a Spring picnic in the fields. But I couldn’t think of names for each of the characters nor a title for the book or forest where they come from. I thought maybe Elderwood Groves Conservation Park is where they lived.

As I was trying to think up names I oddly started drawing little chibi fairy/pixie characters. Next thing I know I’m creating another Storybook which I titled the Bumbleberry Fairy Tales. My Birthday is coming up and I’m hoping that the Birthday fairy will grant my wish and I’ll get me some Letra Promarkers and/or Prismacolor pencils so I can create these fairy/pixie characters nicely to show you all. (ñ⌂ñ) If I post up any sneak peek photos they’ll be on my Facebook page … that is generally where I post all my artwork whether random, requested, or in any other forms besides handrawn like Polymer Clay.

I’ll post up photos of these latest creations when I feel they’re ready to be shown. Hopefully I’ll get some Promarkers or Prismacolor items for my Birthday so that I can show you in the quality and detail my Artwork deserves to be in. Oh and I also bought a pack of ACEO *Art Cards Editions and Originals* Trading cards. I prefer to called them Artist Created Editions and Originals. But I plan to put up my handrawn ACEO cards for sale. How does 2 for $5 sound ? I’ll let you know when I start gathering enough handrawn ACEO cards that I can post them up here for sale. Until then stay in touch ! B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV ! ~ MYT CR8TiV


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