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Every Penny Counts … (n_n)

on April 11, 2014

blitsy-logo-web-mediumHi, Everyone !! Ready for the weekend ?? Do you have any craft projects you’ll be working on this weekend ? Hope you’ll think about sharing them with us here on MYT CR8TiV™. (n_n) I’m constantly working on one craft project or another everyday. Crafting or being CR8TiV keeps me sane ! I don’t know about you but to me doing something CR8TiV whether it’s randomly drawing something in my Artbook or working on a Craft Project or helping a friend with Artwork for their website or blog it’s so relaxing and sorta meditative zen to me. I put in my earbuds and listen to my favorite radio station and I’m in this complete and total Zen. Anything and Everything around me just disappears and I’m just in a completely different world and mindset. (∩ε∩) Don’t you just Love that feeling ?

Anyways today I thought I’d share with you an AWESOME website called Blitsy. It’s a website that offers craft supplies at up to 70% off. Sure, we all love those coupons for Michael’s or JoAnns giving us 50% off one item but Blitsy often times has really awesome stuff and rock bottom prices. Sure, you have to subscribe to check out the sales but it’s *FREE* to subscribe and totally worth it !! All they ask for is your email address. If you don’t like them just click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email and you’ll never hear from them again. But seriously in this day and economy it’s sometimes expensive to keep up with your constant CR8TiV inspirations or ideas that pop into your head after browsing Pinterest, CraftGawker, or whatever.

The prices of Everything is going up and that includes Craft supplies. My wish list of Art/Craft Supplies is so long it can probably reach to Pluto !! Especially since I got my SSI revoked after getting married in 2011 having money to spend on craft supplies isn’t as easily available as before. Before I looked at a $100 craft item and thought I need it for this and that so why not. But now I look at a craft item even $5.00 and think (- ⌂ – ‘) *Sigh* another item to add to my never ending Wish List. But I found Blitsy and it’s a site you should check back on everyday and they post up deals everyday !! You gotta be quick though as item quantities are limited each item is only up for sale for like three(3) days and once you place an item in your Cart you have like 30 minutes to decide whether to buy it or it becomes available for the next person to get a chance to buy it.

Also be sure to check them out on Sundays between 9am-10am as they have their Blitsy Sunday Brunch Sales where items are given an additional 30% off but only between that hour. I purchased a Beginners Quilling kit as a early Birthday present gift to myself and looking forward to receiving it. Been wanting to try quilling for awhile but YouTube videos assured me that it’s easier than I thought. So I’m gonna give it a try ! Please, consider subscribing to Blitsy !! It’s a really awesome site ! Wish there were more sites like this that offer craft supplies at SUPER discount prices. Besides places like Dollar Tree and Dollar King that occasionally have awesome craft supplies Blitsy is best on the net.

Here’s the link to go to the website …


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