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A trip back into the 70s … (n__n)

on April 9, 2014


Hello … Some of you have been asking me what have I been up to ? Well, I’ve put my Zentangle/DoodleArt phase aside for now and currently addicted to Spirographing. It started when I bought a Spiral Art set from the local Dollar Tree. Of course being it’s from the dollar store you get what you paid for and it doesn’t work as well as I’d hoped. But as an early Birthday present my husband bought me the Spirograph Kit from Target.

If you grew up in the 70s you might remember playing with Spirograph. I wasn’t around in the 70s but my friend had a Spirography set that belonged to an older sibling. We played with it and it was so much fun creating those patterns and swirls.  So I’ve been tinkering with the Spirograph set. Let me tell you it’s a great kit to have if you’re trying to learn Anger Management. This thing will at first push your buttons and push you to your limits. When I first started out I wanted to toss this across the room !!

But I stayed persistent and calm trying to learn the technique to getting the patterns nice without any goof ups. The Spirograph kit includes something called Spiro-Putty which is used to keep your Spirograph ring in place. It’s kinda a reusable sticky clay thing. The instruction book tells you to put Four(4) pea sized Spiro-Putty onto the ring in a cross shape pattern. (¬_¬) DOES NOT WORK !! I tried using Four(4) pieces of Spiro-Putty as they suggested and noticed occasionally the inner circle pops off from the ring. I tried placing Six(6) pieces of Spiro-Putty … One every inch or so and the ring is alot more secure and the inner circle piece doesn’t pop off anymore.

After multiple tries and cursing like a pirate at times. I found the outer holes like hole #1 is the most difficult to maneuver. GO REALLY SLOWLY !! If you speed using the outer holes like 1-5 you’ll end up goofing up. But if you take it very slowly you can prevent goofs. I go SUPER slow and when I start to see the ring is starting to pop up and ready to derail … I stop and push it back down then continue with the movement. The inner holes *more towards the center of the circles* are the easiest and can be done in a fairly quick manner but not too quick. The center holes seems more steady and easier to do even at a higher speed.

Another tip is to keep your pen in a 90° angle meaning straight up and down. I found that using roller ball pens like Pilot G2, Pilot Precision V7 pens, and I find most rollerball pens work best. I’ve used ballpoint pens but they tend to tear holes into the paper are you keep repeating over and over the same pen marks. As I get a little better at the Spirograph and I get some better colored pens I’ll share my creations. Til then I’ll keep you posted on any tips I find as I go along.


10353711008603paOh and one tip I found besides using the Spiro-Putty is to grab a cookie sheet one without the walls or rims just a flat cookie sheet. *See Picture above for example* then get a pack of SUPER strong craft magnets. Place one magnet on the underside of the cookie sheet and another magnet on top to pin the Spirograph ring in place. Works great to pin your paper in place as well.


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