A Place to Enhance and Inspire to be CR8TiV !

Amazing CR8TiViTY … Proof that anyone can be CR8TiV !! (n_n)

on March 27, 2014


I’m all about CR8TiVness and I think I need to start sharing other CR8TiV peoples talents here on MYT CR8TiV as well as my own. Lately I’ve been a moppy mood and although I have been drawing and being CR8TiV I haven’t done anything worthy of posting up on here. I didn’t wanna leave you guys in the dust while I’m in my Eeyore mood phase. I think I’m going through this Eeyore mood phase mainly bcuz my Mom is leaving for Japan in April and she may or may not come back. She’s talking about possibly permanently staying in Japan and live out her final days with my Aunts. I really think it’s great and have no objections to it but a part of me is still sad that I won’t have anymore Mother-Daughter outings, no more delicious home cooked foods shared by her, and no more going home for the holidays.

But enough about that. I wanted to share with you this link I saw on my Facebook feed. The picture you see above is a awesome bull sculpted entirely outta rusted old wrenches. You have to click the link and see the other CR8TiV creations this person makes. It’s inspiring even more bcuz this person is in a wheelchair. I am also physically disabled. Although I use my wheelchair only when I’m outdoors it’s inspiring to show that we are all talented and CR8TiV has no limits or boundaries. It’s all in how you look at it !! Your pile of paperclips on your office desk to some is just a pile of paperclips but to a CR8TiV mind it’s a sculpting medium and you can CR8TiVely stack them or link them together.

I want to encourage everyone who reads my blog to go out there and be CR8TiV. Grab a pad of paper and colored pencils and draw even if you haven’t drawn before or think you can’t. There isn’t such a thing as I can’t in Art. Even just grabbing a paintbrush and splattering paint on a canvas is Art. Can’t draw if your Life depended on it ?? Stick figures, blobby squiggles, two dots and a curve is still Art !! Whether you’re a pro with an Art degree, self-taught artist, or just a person who loves to doodle everyone can do it. If you want me to share your CR8TiViTY on my blog comment below or send me an email and I’d love to have you as a honorable guest here on MYT CR8TiV. (n_n) Everyone is welcome here on my blog !! With your permisson I can also share it on my photo albums on Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.

B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV … MYT CR8TiV !!


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