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What’s Zentangle ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

on February 25, 2014


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I dunno ? I’m with you kitty. What is Zentangle ? I’ve been seeing it alot lately on craft blogs and art blogs. Some just call it doodle. It looked intresting yet complicated ! But I’m always up for trying *NEW* things especially when it involves something to do with Art and being CR8TiV. So my take on this is Zentangle is just about creating random patterns to create an almost Abstract type of artwork in the end. Apparently it’s suppose to be relaxing hence the Zen part of Zentangle I guess ? You just randomly draw in patterns of swirls, circles, lines, dots, whatever comes to your mind. Some come into a shape like Mandala Zentangles or flowers or some have pictures like you first draw a fish shape then fill it in with zentangle patterns.

I’m currently working on my 1st Zentangle and it made me realize I don’t know too many patterns. I’ve kinda ended up repeating circles, half circles, triangle points, etc. :/ Guess I need to learn some more patterns before I can make more intricate Zentangles. My husband thinks it looks great and wants to frame it when it’s done. But what CR8TiV artwork doesn’t he wanna frame that I make. (^_^) Makes me feel good though since I’m too old to have my Mom pin them to the fridgerator anymore. I’ve graduated from refridgerator framing to actual photo framing worthy. YAY !! (‘ ~ ‘) I think ?

(=~=) I kinda got ADD/ADHD when it comes to CR8TiV stuff. I’m constantly bouncing around from one craft to another most of the time leaving unfinished projects abandoned. I should really be finishing up my Japanese bride painting but I can’t finish til I have money to invest in a really good fine point even ultra fine point brush to add in the really fine details. I heard an eyeliner brush works well so I might have to drop by my local Dollar King store to see if they got any good eyeliner brushes. ;D Maybe pick up a palette of eyeshadows for my clay creations as well. There’s a few things I’d like to get from Dollar king to be honest.

It’s great to have stores like Dollar Tree, Dollar King, 99¢ Only Stores that sometimes have very good craft items. Each store differs to what you can find. I’ve found Tulip 3D Puffy paint at the 99¢ Only Store ~ Dollar Tree is great to grab things like tubes of fine glitter, palette of acrylic paints, foam stickers, etc. ~ Dollar King has a HUGE selection of makeup items all for a dollar so endless colors of nail polishes, eyeshadows, shimmer/glitter powders, and they have alot of paper crafting items like washi tape, scrapbook stickers, etc. I found my clay extruder gun there for $1 where as an actual craft store it’d cost you like $10 ?

(= ~ =”) Oops … wandering off topic. But I promised myself to finish the Japanese Bride painting before Mother’s Day as it’s a Mother’s Day gift to my Mom. My 1st attempt at Zentangle is almost done though. 😛 I got bored and left my clipboard downstairs so I kinda started a 2nd attempt on a sketchpad I had in my bedroom. I’ve kinda been cooped up in my bedroom for the past few days cuz I got a really bad cold and was resting or at least trying to.

I’ll post up pictures of my finished Zentangles on my Facebook page …

bustedtees.48f058e1-71a7-4b34-be0d-45149137Be sure to LIKE my Facebook page as I’m more actively posting up *NEW* Photos of my Art and stuff on my Facebook page.

************************************ UPDATE **************************************
1st Zentangle

If you haven’t liked my Facebook page, yet. You should as *NEW* artworks and CR8TiV creations are mostly posted there first. But here is my 1st Zentangle attempt ! 😀 I call it the Zen of Zentangle and I like to stick to a theme. This one being the Koi Fish … Each section is drawn with patterns that would represent the Life of a Koi Fish such as the section near the center right with the circles and inner dot … that would represent the start of the Fish’s Life AKA Fish Eggs. So the section panels represent their fish scales, air bubbles, the clouds out in the ocean horizon, the beach shore, waves, etc.

(n_n) I’m find Zentangle to be very Fun, Great way to kill time and lose track of time, Relaxing, CR8TiV, and Artistic ! But (= w =”) I need to buy a box of black gel pens as finishing one zentangle art takes up ALOT of ink and you’ll have a dead or dying pen ½ way through. I’m working on some others which I plan to add color to so stay tuned !


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