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on February 4, 2014

daydream-animated-animation-day-dream-smiley-emoticon-000404-largeWell, I’m always doing something CR8TiV as it’s more or less the air I breathe. If I’m not doing something CR8TiV I feel miserable and blue like Eeyore. So I’ve been keeping myself busy with different CR8TiV crafts, learning new crafts, getting inspirations, rekindling old CR8TiV hobbies that has fallen through the cracks. But mostly I’ve been working at trying to get MYT CR8TiV more out into the open and find it’s turn in the spotlight.

I’m currently working on getting a Zazzle shop up and running where I’ll be selling my Handrawn Artworks, Painting, CR8TiV Designs, and Amateur Photography photos shots. There’s currently only one item available on Zazzle as I browse through my large file of photos and see what’s good for Zazzle shop. The link to the shop is … Soon I’ll post more items into the Zazzle shop.

Umm … I’m also working on a website for MYT CR8TiV using the web hosting company WIX. I’m still tweaking info, pictures, and what not so it’s not exactly ready. But I’ll keep you posted once it’s ready to be open for everyone to visit. On that site will be a Gallery where you can see the many MYT CR8TiV things I’ve made, drawn, and done. Also going to try to create a shop on the site where you can purchase items. So alot of updates are coming for MYT CR8TiV. Stay tuned !

The rest of this blog is just and *UPDATE* to my previous blog post titled Polymer Clay 101 where I shared my Tips, Tools, and Stuff about Polymer clay. Hope it helps and comment if you have anything you’d like to add to it !


*UPDATE* Polymer Clay 101 – Part 2

I’m still tinkering with Polymer clay and coming up with random creatures and creations. (^~^”) Too lazy to take pictures and sometimes I forget where my camera is. I was pretty busy making Valentine themed clay couples and stuff. A few *NEW* tools that I have found to be important when working with Polymer clay is Baby Wipes, Oven Thermometer, Sharp Knife, and paints. Alot of Polymer clay crafters use Xacto knifes and/or Scalpels to scrape dirt off the clay, cut clay, and cut clay. But I’m such a klutz I’m afraid I’m gonna badly cut myself if I used a Xacto knife or Scalpel.

#7 : Kitchen Knives … I was going through my kitchen drawer and I found a couple old looking knives which must of been from my Husband’s younger days. They were sharp but not sharp enough to cut myself. One is a Peeling knife also known as Tourne knife and the other is a ordinary steak knife. I often use the peeling knife as the curved blade makes it perfect for cutting facial expressions. I love these knives very much and I don’t even use my flat blade anymore.

#8 : Baby Wipes … I used to just use dollar store packs of Baby wipes but there was a sale on a bulk bag of Huggies Baby Wipes for $6 I got a bag of Huggies Simply Clean that has 216 wipes. That is going to last me a very long time !! Sadly the didn’t fit into the baby wipes container I got from a previous unknown brand so I bought a box Huggies of wipes in a container to refill from the bulk bag. I guess I didn’t really look at the type of wipes but rather just the cute Winnie the Pooh design on the box. These are different from the Huggies Simply Clean I believe the container is Natural Care or Soft Skin ? All I know is it has a yucky smell and leaves your hands feeling dry and clammy after using it.
#9 : Rubbing Alcohol …  The next item I have found useful and was suggested to me by other Polymer clay crafters on keeping your clay clean is Isopropyl Alcohol AKA Rubbing Alcohol and how it helps remove fingerprints and smooths up your clay before and after baking. It does work but be careful when rubbing a cotton swab over colored areas as the rubbing alcohol will cause the color to leech out onto the swab. Swap for a new one after you’ve rubbed over a certain color. You definitely don’t wanna be rubbing a red clay piece then touch white clay with it or you’ll have pink clay in an instant. I also love using the Rubbing Alcohol to clean my work surface. I use a ceramic tile as my clay work surface and I just love how Rubbing Alcohol removes the grubby marks clay leaves behind and get’s your surface clean like new.

#10 : Ceramic Tiles … So now my next MUST HAVE item is the Ceramic tile. I’ve had my Ceramic tile for awhile now and I just love it !! It’s easy to clean and even things like dried glue scraps off so easily. The ceramic tile is very hard to scratch. I’ve used the Polyblade, Box cutter, Semi-Sharp Kitchen knives, and still not a single scratch on the surface of the tile. I have another smaller piece that’s about 3×6 ? I use that piece to roll Polymer clay into smooth balls when sometimes my own hands won’t do. I have also baked small clay figurines on that small tile. I like baking the Polymer clay creations on the ceramic tile bcuz you don’t have to preheat the oven. The tile holds heat but very slowly so you can just put the Polymer clay into a cold oven and not worry about it.

#11 : Oven Thermometer … I know this is a definitely MUST HAVE item that alot of Polymer clay crafters will tell you you must have. I honestly didn’t think it was such a big deal when I first started tinkering with Polymer clay. But when my Sister gifted me a AMACO Clay oven *Will post a review in the future* it suggested to use an Oven Thermometer. While my Husband and I were shopping at a BigLots store I found an Oven Thermometer for about $5. After using it for the first time I literally said Oh Em Gee where have you been all my Life. With the Oven Thermometer I found out my oven is very off in temperature. I set it to 350° but the oven thermometer read it as 325°. Having this Oven Thermometer works not just for Polymer clay but everyday baking too. I was easily able to see if the oven was preheated to the proper temp to bake some cupcakes.

#12 : Baby Powder … Who knew that baby supplies like Baby wipes and Baby powder would be such a important product in the Polymer clay world. I sometimes come across Polymer clay that’s a little too soft and I don’t have easy access to printer/copier paper to do the leeching process where you squish the Polymer clay between a sheet to leech out any excess oils or plasticizers. Also I’m forgetful so putting the clay into the fridge or freezer to firm up ended up with me having a polymer clay ice cube as I forgotten and left the clay slab in the freezer all night. I tend to find that Baby Powder does help harden the clay a little and make it less sticky. Baby powder also helps smooth away fingerprints and gives you a smooth texture where needed. I found that putting a little onto your hands prevents the clay from sticking, dust from sticking, and the clay rolls smoother in your hands. I bought a small travel bottle which takes up less space and easier to squeeze out a tiny bit or lightly dust your clay slabs.

#13 : Sauce cups, Plastic contrainers, Bins : I admit when I go to a restaurant like El Pollo Loco or Carls Jr/Green Burrito that has those little salsa cups I take a couple extra cups to use at my craft desk. They are great for holding small beads, a tiny dab of Rubbing Alcohol, a tiny bit of Baby Powder, maybe some paint/glitter, etc. They’re great for that !! Just don’t leave RAW Unbaked clay inside the cups. I left a wad of white polymer clay and the chemicals in the Polymer clay melted the chemicals in the plastic cup and the plastic cup melted into a sticky sticky glue and ruined the wad of white clay. Upcycle your containers ! The containers that mushrooms come in are great, the crates from Strawberries are great for using as a paintbrush holder, and plastic containers with a lid like the kind that Blueberries come in are great for keeping baked clay items dust-free and clean.

#14 : Dotting pens … For just under $2 you can buy a set of Dotting pens from Amazon *Here’s the link to it : * I generally use the largest size which is the yellow-green colored pen but I have used the smaller sizes for making polka-dots on ladybugs, butterflies, and using to make very fine detailing. If you want larger sizes that that you can buy Fondant Cake pens like this one ** These will work very well in making things like Eye Sockets and deep holes. This is on my wish list and hoping to get a set of these soon.

#15 : Black Round Beads … If you make alot of Polymer clay critters like I do you often look for the perfect eyes to give your critters Life. I used to use Pony beads but I didn’t like how they gave the eyes a squared oval look. A fellow Polymer clay artist suggested I use round black beads. The bead size I’m using is I believe a 5-6mm and I have to say that they are lovely and give your Polymer clay critter the cutest expressions. I need to take a picture of my latest Polymer clay critter where I used the Round bead for eyes. Before this I used to just paint them on or use black clay and create faux eyes but it was sometimes difficult to paint a glossy glaze/varnish to them without getting it on other area you don’t wanna glaze.

#16 : Office Supplies … If you don’t have a needle point tool you can easily just use a push pin. I use a push pin bcuz it’s easier to hold and bcuz it’s tiny in size it’s easy to maneuver into tight spots. I use it to create fur texture and texture overall. Another office supplie items you can use is Paperclips. They are easily bendable and you can use them as armature wire. The length when unfolded is good enough to create armatures and the guage of wire most paperclips are is pretty perfect. I think they’re a 16 guage. Rubber eraser caps that go on the back of your #2 pencil works great as a clay tool to smooth and blend. But be careful not to rub too much or you can create eraser crumbs which get stuck in your clay. Just gentle jabs and light strokes is best.

I think that’s all that Polymer clay tool MUST HAVEs/Suggestions I have for now. It’s almost 2am and my eyes are starting to feel like sand blown into them. I guess that’s a sign to call it a night. Hope this post was helpful ! Feel free to comment with your own suggestions, tips, tricks, and hints. As always B3 B0LD … B3 INSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV ~ MYT CR8TiV™

Oh and I’m planning to do my 1st Giveaway soon. The prize is a handmade Amigurumi Love Puppy. To enter you need to go to my MYT CR8TiV Facebook page and Like, Share, and Comment on what inspires your Creativity. Here’s the link to my Facebook page … I will post updates on when my Giveaway is ready to go. I’m currently still working on the prize project. 😛



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