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How to add color to Hot Glue … (n_n)

on December 12, 2013

Hello … Happy Thursday everybody !! Is it Friday, yet ?? What plans do you got for this coming weekend ?? Finishing up that Christmas shopping or just getting started ?? So one the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me … A Ad-Tech Dual Temp Cordless Hot Glue Gun ! (=~=”) Ok, that might of been a little corny ! L0L But my husband did get me a *NEW* Hot glue gun as an early Christmas present.

(T^T) This hot glue gun oddly get’s many negative reviews everywhere I see it. To me this glue gun ROCKS !! Majority of the complaints were about glue backing up into the chamber. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS PEOPLE !! It’s most likely caused by using the wrong type of glue sticks. The instructions clearly says to use ONLY Ad-Tech High/Low/Multi-temp Full sized glue sticks. When my husband got me the gun he picked me up a pack of the 10″ Ad-Tech Multi-temp glue sticks and I haven’t had any issues with the glue backing up outta the chamber or oozing out or any of the issues that majority of the negative reviews state.

A few people have complained about it dripping alot from the tip. Again READ THE INSTRUCTIONS !! It says not to leave the glue gun plugged in and unused for more than 2 hrs. excess dripping is most likely caused by the glue gun getting too hot as it sits there being unused. My suggestion is … if you’re not going to be using the glue gun right away just pull out the removable cord from the glue gun. It’ll still be hot and usable for the next 5 minutes or so but since the power cord isn’t plugged in it will cool off. When you’re ready just plug the cord back in and wait 2-3 minutes for it to heat up and you’re good to go. It’s mainly common sense.

Anyways as I said earlier I love this glue gun. I have already used it for many different crafts. (n_n) I tried making faux resin charms and it was so much fun but (-__-) the glue dries to a cloudy haze. I wish it would dry completely clear like resin. I did watch a few tutorials on YouTube about adding color to your hot glue by adding a dab of acrylic paint and another person who just swirled a crayon into the hot glue blob til the color completely blended in.

So outta boredom after using my Hot Glue gun to create some candy cane hearts for my Husband’s co-workers I decide to give the crayon color trick a try. I have a pack of Crayola Twistable crayons that I bought on a Back to School sale. There is 24 fun colors to choose from. I decide to try using the color brown. So I grabbed my soda bottle cap which I keep under the glue gun nozzle to catch any drips and pumped a huge glob of hot glue. I then quickly twisted up the crayon to about a ½” tip and gave it a good swirl in the glob of hot glue. Immediately it changed the color of my hot glue blob to something that resembled chocolate frosting. 😀 I took my wire stir stick and gave it some more stirs.

It worked great !! The color was so opaque but has this glossy shine. I then looked at the tip of my brown Twistable crayon and thought oh no there’s a glob of it on the tip of the crayon now. But to my surprised I plucked it off and the glob came off in one piece and the crayon looked as if nothing happened to it. I guess it must be non-stick coated ? But after playing around with my brown glob of hot glue. It gave me so many ideas about using it for frosting on Polymer clay cakes, cupcakes, and it made me wanna hoard silicone molds a whole lot more now.

When I find my digi-cam charger I’ll try to take pictures of some of the things I create using this crayon to the hot glue technique. I think the next time though I’ll just scrape a few bits with a razor blade or maybe buy a cheap fine grater to grate crayon into small bits to mix in rather than dipping the whole stick in. So give it a try !! You can make tinted hot glue cabochons, charms, or like I suggested use it on your polymer clay cakes and deco things. Can’t wait to buy my first silicone mold and some fine glitter sets.

Hope you found this tip useful and I’ll post again soon !! Have a happy weekend, stay warm, and stay CR8TiV !! ❤ ~ MYT CR8TiV


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