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Boye Jumbo Spool Knitter … DO NOT BUY !!

on November 11, 2013


How was everyone’s weekend ?? I’m sure nobody is looking forward to Monday. Well, today I’m going to blog about a product review … the Boye Jumbo Spool Knitter. With Christmas around the corner I am sure that crafters who handcraft their Christmas gifts are at a frenzy and busy at work knitting scarves, beanies, slippers, cozy socks, etc. in preparation to the cold winter months ahead. I’m gonna be looming this Christmas ! So far I’ve made a beautiful scarf using my Knifty Knitters round loom and working on a couple pairs of slippers. I got side-tracked and wanted to make an I-Cord Rug for my kitchen floor and I’ve browsed many knitting websites that suggested the use of the spool loom.

I went to Walmart and got myself this Boye Jumbo Spool Knitter *Pictured above*. It costs $4.97 @ Walmart. I got it home and gathered some leftover yarn balls to try it out. It was very easy to use since I already know the basics of loom knitting. I was able to get about 3″ long I-Cord started but I started having issues with the Spool Knitter pegs constantly popping out. I wasn’t knitting tightly or anything to cause the pegs to pop-off. I gently pressed them back into the peg holes and was able to continue knitting for a couple rounds when the pegs started to pop-off again. This time I gently hammered them back in with a small craft hammer. Again I was able to continue working a few rounds when they started to come out again. So AGAIN I gently pressed them back in. I started knitting 2-3 rounds when *SNAP* instead of the peg coming off it snapped right at the base and a piece of the peg remained lodged inside the peg hole.

This Spool Knitter is made of poor quality. I have never have any trouble with pegs coming loose with my Knifty Knitter looms. I wouldn’t recommend this product if you are looking to try spool knitting. There is a Knifty Knitters Spool knitter which is similar to the Boye’s Spool Knitter but it’s alot better and the pegs do not pop off. So if you’re thinking of trying spool knitting … DO NOT BUY THIS ONE !! Knifty Knitter’s Spool Knitter is pink in color and alot better quality than this. Save your money !!


4 responses to “Boye Jumbo Spool Knitter … DO NOT BUY !!

  1. alechia says:

    I got one to do my ruffle scarf, it work great. The pegs don’t slip out,haven’t had any peg brake on me. The only thing is that it’s hard to knit a ruffle scarf on,can’t seem to get the yarn off and it’s cumbersome when you get so far in to your project. If your doing anything beside an I cord and yarn flower. It make pretty ruffle scarf. But I have found that cindwood loom and cottage loom are the best way to go when you want to make these ruffle scarf. You can find cottage loom on ebay and esty. Cottageloom aalechand make custom requests loom for you at a price that you can’t beat. They made me a long loom with 30 peg (rg) spacing. It’s shorter then the kk blue long with a 5/8 inche spacing. I think,just by looking at it.

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      If you are having trouble pulling the stitch off the loom then that means your tension is too tight when you wind around the loom. Try loosening the tension a little bit. The pegs coming out of the holes and falling out seems to be a certain batch issue where some people had the issue and some people didn’t. I love my looms for making hats and easy stuffed toys. I’ll take a look at these Cottage Looms. Thanks for your suggestion and visit to my blog.

  2. Yana says:

    I have been using the model described and have had no pegs loosen or break off. Same product just bought at JoAnn’s, cost a dollar more. Worked three ft cord on small end and foot long on large end.

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      Well, every product is assembled and manufactured in different batches. Maybe mine wasn’t assembled tightly that the pins come loose a lot. I just try to not knit so tightly and keep a hammer near by in case pins start to pop loose I whack it back in. No biggie but definitely not as great of a quality as the Knifty Knitter Looms.

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