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No Color is Alike … (T_T”)

on November 5, 2013

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I couldn’t recall whether or not I already posted about this before but I’m too lazy to go looking for whether I did or not. So how’s everyone’s week starting off so far ? As for me … (-_-) Our TV Converter box finally took it’s last breath the other day which means until we have the money to buy a *new* one or buy a *new* TV all together I will be missing out on my favorite shows and my daily TV schedule. Since things are financially tight the hopes of getting a *new* converter box or tv isn’t anywhere in the near future.

So I’m entertaining myself by other means. A few of my friends have suggested online sites to watch TV shows and things online like Hulu, Netflicks, and of course YouTube but I don’t really wanna watch things on my computer. My husband says you can just entertain yourself online but maybe it’s just me but I cannot stay online very long without becoming bored and wanting to move on to something else. But one thing that doesn’t bore me ever is Arts and Crafts. I would just entertain myself by clay crafting maybe creating some more inventory which I plan to sell one I’m ready to open up my MYT CR8TiV™ shop. But I’m outta white clay which I tend to use most of so I’m currently using craft materials I current have on hand like yarn and drawing supplies.

Now is where I stick to my topic about colors. I have a large collection of markers and colored pencils but I’ve noticed not all colors are alike. Depending on the brand the color can vary. Crayola’s brown can be different from RoseArt’s brown. The problem I seem to be having the most no matter what the brand is with the color … PINK ! Crayola’s pink is too bright and on the Neon pink side, RoseArt’s pink isn’t even pink it’s more of a magenta/fuchsia pink. My Sister used to attend art college when I was growing up and she often let me use her art supplies. Little did I know how much those art supplies cost.

The only brand I know that has the best coloring pencils and markers of which the color is the color they should be is Prismacolor as these were the art supplies my Sister let me use but growing up I didn’t realize I was coloring with the Louie Vuitton of coloring pencils. Now that I’m older I wanted to buy a set of Prismacolors myself and my eye literally fell outta my sockets and ran across the border when I saw that a box of 132 can cost $100+ and a set of 136 colored markers will run you about $320+ depending where you get them from. The more the colors the higher the price.

L0L I think I’ll stick with my dollar store 30 colored marker set even though the colors may not match the barrel of the markers I found a way around it. What I do to ALL my markers/colored pencils is I color a small square onto a piece of paper then cut that square out and tape it to the end of my marker/pencil so I can visually see what color that marker/pencil is so I won’t go coloring something thinking it’s black and end up being eggplant purple or picking up a red to find it’s orange. I have even had some markers where their yellow were more like neon highlighter yellow and not yellow at all. But at the same time my markers/pencils are generally from the dollar stores so you get what you paid for in a way.


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