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Happy Halloween !! (⌂w⌂)

on October 31, 2013


October 2013(ΦπΦ) HAPPY HALLOWEEN !! (⌂ε⌂)

Picture Handrawn By : MYT CR8TiV™ – 2013©.

                  HALLOWEEN 2013 – By : MYT CR8TiV™

it’s OCTOBER 31st at dawn the children will thirst,
for the fun sized sweets and their sacks filled with treats.

dress up from head to toe, knocking on the doors of strangers they don’t know.
trick or treat is what they say halloween is here today.

moms and dads walk down the blocks hoping their children don’t get any rocks.

they’ll walk for hours which is good exercise but when they are home comfy inside.
the children will empty their heavy treat sacks and eat what they favor til mom said to stop. from choco chews, licorice sticks, to lollipops.

as it get’s late into the night the children head to bed, with Stomach full of candy and fond memories in their head.

tomorrow is school and with stories to share, they close their eyes shut and snuggle their teddy bear.

halloween has come and gone, but for the adults it’s just begun.

Dancing and prancing with halloween booze. Dressed up as zombies complete with some ooze.

We party all over deep into the night not afraid anything that may cause some frights.

Children and adults will all head to bed. Along with the zombies woken up from the dead.

Happy and smiling of the fun they just had.

Halloween is over but don’t feel so sad …

the fun never ends, as when the sunrises the new adventures are around the bend.


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