A Place to Enhance and Inspire to be CR8TiV !

Add a little CR8TiViTY to your Life … ;)

on October 11, 2013


Found this on Facebook and felt it’s the perfect thing to post here on MYT CR8TiV™. What better way to start off your weekend than to do something CR8TiV ? Being CR8TiV is my passion and I try to be CR8TiV everyday from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. This list is great and I pretty much already do majority of what’s on the list. But I figured I’d share it with you and help inspire you to be CR8TiV as well.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and do something CR8TiV !!


I wanna update you on a few things I’ve been working on for MYT CR8TiV™. As much as I love this craft blog I would like to also have my own website which I can offer more than just what a blog can offer. I’m hoping to sell my crafts as many of my fans/close friends have suggested I sell the many things I create. Umm … although I will be offering many different things on my website I plan to mainly stick to Polymer clay arts and handrawn arts. I’ll be posting up handrawn greeting cards which you can purchase as well as Polymer clay sculptures and arts. Each item that is available is a unique one of a kind item as there are no two alike and as far as greeting cards go there’s only one design unlike a store bought greeting card there’s multiple identical copies. Each card is unique and the lucky loved one will be receiving the only copy of it’s kind. Same goes for my Polymer clay creations each are different and none are alike. I’ll keep you posted as to when the website will be finished. As of know the website link is feel free to suggest anything that might enhance the website or make it better. 😉 Keep in touch and as always B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 B0LD … B3 CR8TiV ~ MYT CR8TiV™.



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