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White Glue … A Budget Crafters Best Friend !

on September 6, 2013


White glue … It’s the #1 craft items that is the start to all crafters passion for crafting. For many of us our first time crafting anything was most likely in preschool or kindergarten and the craft item we used the most was probably white glue or glue sticks. Today I’m gonna focus on the white glue. I’ve written in previous blogs that times have hit me hard and that I’ve had to drop down to budget crafting and getting any new supplies has becoming a struggle.

Well, here is where the white glue comes to play. White glue is very inexpensive about $1-2 dollars and almost every dollar store or 99¢ store has bottles of white glue. Now is the best time to stock up on minor supplies like crayons, markers, colored pencils, white glue, etc. with many stores having Back to School sales.

Now white glue especially is a budget crafters … MUST HAVE !! White glue isn’t just for gluing down cuts of paper but it actually serves many different purposes. Add a little bit of water to you and you got yourself an instant medium for making paper mache projects. I remember back in my kindergarten years when we did paper mache we used a cup of liquid starch. But a small bowl of white glue mixed with water works just as good if not better.

One craft I’m gonna be doing this Halloween is making a mask/hat using white glue and water mixture and some sheets of felt. Felt is really cheap as Walmart sells them for about a few cents per sheet. I saw a great craft project on where you take a balloon and blow it up to the size of your head then place two pieces of felt clamped together and paint it with white glue water mixture to stiffen the felt and make it into a helmet for a play or just for fun.

If you’re creative you can come up with so many neat things to make using just white glue and water. You can make string ornaments by taking colored yarn dipping them into white glue and wrapping it around a balloon. Pop the balloon once the glue has dried and you’ll have a string ball shape with you can hang from your room. You can up the creativity by adding a LED light inside it to make it into a cool lamp.

White glue has so many different uses for crafting besides just glue pieces of paper together. Try and think of what other ways you can use white glue to create a craft project on a budget ! Feel free to comment and share your ideas. As always B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 B0LD … B3 CR8TiV … MYT CR8TiV.



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