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Day 2 – Needle Felting … One Stab at a Time.

on August 10, 2013


Well, this is Day 2 of learning the ways of Needle felting. What I love most about being cr8tiv and crafting is the whole endless learning process. The effort you take to learn a new craft and the trials and error you experience along the way. You learn from your mistakes and sometimes you learn new tricks from those mistakes.

Having the internet makes perfecting a craft so much easier bcuz you have so many different resources at the click of a mouse button. I would have to say my #1 teacher in my vast crafting repertoire is YouTube. I generally self-taught myself the many crafts I now dabble with using YouTube as my guide.  Everyone learns differently ! There are visual learners, audio learners, and kinesthetic “Touch” learners. I seem to be more of a visual learner.

But anyways let me share with you what I have learned so far from my 2 days of tinkering with Needle Felting …

[] You do not cut the roving wool with scissors apparently that’s a No No stated in many Needle Felting blogs. You just gently pull to break off strands of wool.

[] In order to make clean Needle felted critters and when I say clean I mean no stray fuzz all over. You apparently have to make a core armature then add another layer of wool then gently needle felt the 2nd layer. Apparently adding a 2nd layer will smooth out the surface and avoid having too many stray fuzz.

[] Never use water on your Needle felted critters. Only use water if you’re going to be making like an applique or wet-felting but water is not to be used when making 3D Needle felting projects.

[] I found from curious experimenting that you can use polyester fiberfill and I would actually suggest using it when creating a core for your Needle Felting critters since roving wool is very expensive and you don’t get alot to work with. My Dog Leila is nicknamed the Destroyer. She has destroyed pillows and stuffed toys I have given her. She seems to enjoy pulling out the stuff and I just save it for when I make plushie toys. Who knew that I would find a use for it in my Needle felting journey.

[] Needle Felting requires alot of roving wool. One kitten doll about the size of a pickle took a baseball sized amount of roving wool. So like I said before it will save you alot of roving wool if you create a core with Polyester Fiberfill or if you got a old pillow rip it open and use the inner stuffing then Needle felt a finishing layer with actual roving wool on top of the core.

[] Now for the foam pad it apparently doesn’t really matter what type of foam/sponge is used. But what does matter is the size and thickness. Everyone suggests 1½” to 2″ and say upholstery foam works great. The foam pad I’m currently using is only ½” inch thick so my next purchase will probably be to buy some foam pad.

[] As far as how hard to you poke/stab ? You don’t need to go psycho killer and stab like a maniac. (-__-) You are likely to hurt yourself if you do that. I got over excited the moment I got home with all the Needle Felting supplies my Mom got me that I went nuts with my 1st attempt and that ended up with me stabbing my finger a few times which wasn’t pleasant. So just be gentle ! Besides if you poke/stab too rough you end up creating this deep hole marks which aren’t very pretty.

[] As for eyes if you’re making Needle Felted critters like I am. I think Black Pony Beads are the proper size or round beads about the size of a pea. I only had seed beads on hand and they were way too small for these Needle Felted characters. (n_n) If you have Polymer clay make some small round balls about the size of a pea, paint them black, goat with gloss, and you can use them as the eyes for your Needle Felted dolls.

There’s still alot I’m learning so if you have any tips you’d like to share or anything you know about Needle Felting that you feel would be of assistance to fellow beginners. Feel free to comment and share them with us. I will continue to post every so often the progress of my journey learning to Needle Felt and will post up a pic or two when I create something worthy enough of being posted up here. For now Pinterest seems to be a good place to look for Needle Felting tutorials and project ideas. Etsy too ! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most are happy to give you a tip or suggestion and answer your Needle Felting questions.


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