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Needle felting fingers … (>o<) Ouchie !! Fun but Ouchie !!

on August 8, 2013


Thanxs to my loving Mom who bought me Needle felting supplies I was able to experience the craft of Needle Felting. This was a craft I was dying to try after seeing a book *Picture shown above* of Needle felted kitties. I was even more dying to try Needle Felting after I watched a YouTube tutorial on how to make a Needle Felted kitty similar to the one pictured above. Here’s the link to that YouTube tutorial :   (>⌂<) It’s so Kawaii *Cute* Am I right ??

After watching the tutorial I was so badly wanting to buy Needle Felting supplies and make one of my own. As I explained in a previous post I’m currently in financial struggles that buying craft supplies isn’t easily accessible like it used to be due to lack of funds. (-_-,) I didn’t know when I’d be able to get Needle felting supplies or even where. I’ve gone to Michael’s and the one I go to in Glendale doesn’t have a very large Needle Felting section nor does the Jo-Ann’s store I go to. Everything seems to be so readily available online these days but when you’re in financial situations like myself online shopping isn’t exactly an option.

But thankfully my Mom bought me a pack of Needle Felting needles and two packs of Roving wool to start with. \(nDn)/ Yaaaayyy !!!!!! But (T⌂T) oh no … Mom forgot to buy the foam mat that you’re suppose to Needle felt on top of. I tried to be a penny pincher and went to my local hardware store looking for a sheet of foam that I can use. I couldn’t find any foam besides foam sponges for washing cars and dishes. I asked a worker if they sold foam sheets or blocks of foam. The lady said … Styrofoam ? I said … No, like sponge foam. She asked me what am I going to be using it for ? I told her … I’m looking for a foam sheet or pad for Needle Felting. (¬_¬) She kinda chuckled and said … you’re at a Hardware store looking for Needle felting supplies ? Honey, you’re in the wrong store and need to go to a Craft store like JoAnns or Michaels and continued to lightly giggle.

(T~T) Would I be in alot of trouble if I smacked her in the face ? I mean … Duh !! I know that I could find the foam pad in a craft store but I was looking for a alternative and figured they’d probably have foam sheets that you use in like wall insulation. But instead I was treated like I was clueless and dumb for looking for craft supplies in a hardware store. (⌐-⌐) Obviously this lady isn’t a crafter bcuz many crafters do go to Hardware stores for things that you might find of better quality such as pliers for example. Sure you can buy the jewelry pliers from a craft store but Heavy duty pliers from a hardware store is better quality and often times cost alot less too.

Anyways after searching my whole house for a foam pad I found a small foam pad about ½” thick inside a metal jewelry case. I figured this will do for now til I can get some thicker foam pad for Needle felting. So I got excited and started to try to Needle felt the Kawaii kitty in the YouTube tutorial. Instantly I got addicted to the Needle felting !! No glue, No dry time, No baking or painting, just stab … Stab … STAB ?!? My kitty didn’t turn out as cute as the one in the tutorial and I had stabbed my fingers 2-3 times. My thumb was the one that hurt the most as I stabbed deep into my thumb and keep in mind these Needle felting needles have tiny barbs on them like a fishing hook so pricking your finger with them isn’t very pleasant.

So I’ve used up almost all of my gray roving wool and I don’t wanna use up anymore bcuz I know if I do I won’t be able to get more for a long long time. So I started to experiment. Apparently you can Needle Felt with polyester fiberfill and any stuffing that’s inside a stuffed animals. I have a bucket full of stuffing that my Dog Leila has yanked outta stuffed toys I’ve given her. I grabbed a wad of it to see if I can Needle felt with it and you can !! (n_n) My next experiment was trying to see if I can add some color to the white stuffing. I took a packet of Kool-Aid I had lying around and a cup of water. I took the Kool-Aid and mixed it in a plastic container then dunked the white stuffing in. The stuffing almost immediately started to turn red the color of the Kool-Aid mix “Cherry”. I laid it out on a sheet of foil with paper towels and let it dry.

😀 It smells fruity and has a red color now. So here’s a tip for those who are low on cash and want to Needle Felt cheap. Buy a bag of Polyester Fiberfill … Walmart sell a pretty big bag of it for about $4 and grab a couple packs of Kool-Aid in different flavors “Colors”. I’m not sure you can mix flavors to make different colors but I do know the less water you put the darker your color and the more water you put the lighter the color. So take about a baseball amount and dye them different colors via Kool-Aid and let them dry before using them. I think I just created MYT CR8TiV way to make bargain roving felt using Polyester Fiberfill and Kool-Aid.

I just can’t wait to think up some other interesting ways to use my *NEW* Needle Felting addiction and create some cute animals. There’s alot of interesting Needle felting books I’d like to buy from Amazon but I’m gonna see if I can find them at my local Library instead. I haven’t been to a public library since I was like 10 ? Gonna be exciting to get a *NEW* Library card and hopefully find alot of crafting books that I have on my wish list and be able to borrow them first before I decide if I wanna buy them.

Well, I’m gonna browse the web for needle felting ideas. As always B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV … MYT CR8TiV ♥



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