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Searching for Cheaper Craft Alternatives … (T~T)

on July 26, 2013

34d5df63291f2f7e285d89d659e1b3ca557b1b22Hello and Happy Friday ! So in my last post I explained how keeping up with my addiction of crafting has gotten expensive and I am no longer able to keep up with the constant need for supplies to enhance my craft resume or repertoire. But I am trying to find alternatives that won’t break your wallet or in my case your pocket change jar.

Of course one method that most crafters already know about is going to the dollar stores like the 99¢ only store or buying things at thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army. A friend suggested to me if I’m ever looking for fabrics for sewing projects …. the Goodwill is a great place to find old clothing which you can cut up into fabric sheets. She’s told me she’s found interest glassware, old jewelry, and even things she would consider wearing.

My husband recently got me a great clay craft alternative. I’ve been using a now worn out placemat as my clay surface and it’s gotten so many different craft stains that it’s not even a smooth surface. There’s puffy paint stuck on it, dried up acrylic paints, glue dots, etc I’ve tried scrapping them off but they just won’t budge.

So my husband and I were at a Home Depot the other day he was looking for a replacement shut-off valve for our bathroom. After he got the parts he needed we walked over to the tile section. I was curious as to why we were in the tile section. My husband picked up a faux marble tile about 10×12 maybe ? And said “this would be great”.

My reaction of course was clueless (π )? Great for what I wondered. Then he turns to me and says “This surface is smooth and probably great for your clay work”. (O⌂o) Oooohhh …. He was searching for a *new* surface for my clay crafts. (♥ε♥) I have such a loving husband !! So I started looking at all the tiles and remembered a lady who does Polymer clay tutorials was using a Marble cutting board as her clay surface.

I knew that a marble tile would generally be very expensive even if it’s for a small square tile. But this faux Marble tile that my husband picked up costs only $2.27 I was like (*D*) Wow ! It’s mine !! I also picked up a small 3×6 tile to use as a roller and presser sorta. Still wanna buy an acrylic roller but this works great for rolling balls into snakes and evenly pressing clay flat.

So little by little I am finding ways to craft more affordably and not break my piggy bank each time I need craft supplies. Oh one more cost alternative for Polymer clay is going to Walmart. I found a 1lb. brick of white Polymer clay for about $5. If you’re like me and have a large container full of paint bottles you can just paint the finished product rather than using the can get expensive colored Polymer clays. They do have colored sculpey sets that are about $10 but the bricks are very small. I’d rather just get two(2) of the 1lb. white clay brick and paint them up.

Well, feel free to comment if you have any tips or hints for me to stay cost effective in crafting. Thanxs for reading ! As always B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV …. MYT CR8TiV.


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