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Masterchef : Bringing out your inner Foodie (n_n)

on June 14, 2013


Horray it’s finally Friday !! Hope you have some fun things planned for your weekend. Don’t forget to spend a little time with Dad on Sunday as it is Father’s Day. My blog post today isn’t exactly a MYT CR8TiV art topic but still in the range of Art. How many of you watch the hit TV show MasterChef where ordinary people compete and show off their culinary skills ? I Love watching MasterChef ! Cooking is also a form of Art ! Art isn’t confined to just a canvas and paintbrushes. Art can be anything and Cooking is definitely a form of Art. The way you decoratively garnish a plate for dinner or how you elegantly design a cake for a wedding.

What I find interesting is watching MasterChef …*At least for me* it brings out my inner foodie. I mean I’m no pro chef or even an intermediate chef. But I’ve watched a good deal of cooking shows to have learned a few things here and there. When I was watching this weeks episodes where they had to build burgers in Gordon Ramsay’s Vegas restaurant I was literally shouting at the TV regarding what type of burger they should make. My husband was surprised at how I was able to create such a mouth-watering burger idea. I was a bit surprised myself. My idea would of been to take some blue-cheese and mix it in with the ground beef along with some minced garlic. Then serve it up in a bun with arugula, red onion slices, pickles, and a tomato with a drizzle of a balsamic vinaigrette. My husband looked at me and said … Wow ! That sounds delicious !! Can you make one now ??

I seriously had this look on my face … (O~o) Did that just come outta my mouth ? I’ve watched MasterChef since it first began and every time I watch it … I find myself shouting out how I’d cook the mystery box ingredients or how I would of chosen the meal for the Red/Blue team challenges. My husband joked you should go on MasterChef and blow them away. I admit I don’t follow any recipes but more or less a let’s see what happens type of cook. I just toss whatever in without measurements or recipe to follow and oddly the things I cook always come out delicious by just randomly adding a dash of this, touch of that, pinch of this, etc.

I just wanted to share how MasterChef seems to evoke the inner foodie in me and turn me into this culinary pro that I never knew I was. Remember that Art isn’t just on a Canvas but it’s all around you. Life is an Art form in itself !! So think outside the canvas and pallet ! Anything and everything can be a form of Art even when it’s on a plate. So this weekend … B3 B0ld, B3 iNSPiR3D, B3 CR8TiV … MYT CR8TiV.


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