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Butternut Squash spread + Butternut Squash Syrup

on April 30, 2013


Hello and Happy Tuesday ! Hope your week is starting off CR8TiVly. So here on MYT CR8TiV I share many different ways of being CR8TiV and CR8TiVity isn’t something that is just on a canvas or art studio. It’s EVERYWHERE !! CR8TiVity can also come from the kitchen which is where we’re going to be for this CR8TiV post.

Now I’m sure you’ve all heard about the great health benefits of Butternut squash but not too many people know how to cook butternut squash besides making it into a creamy pureed soup. My husband picked up a Butternut squash the other day wanting to give it a try but also unsure how to cook it as we’ve never used Butternut squash before. So it sat in the fridge for a few days ignored and abandoned.

One day I decided I’d take it under my wing for another culinary experimentation. I was in the mood for something sweet but didn’t have anything sweet on hand. So my experiment started by just randomly winging it so to speak with this Butternut squash. The end result was delicious and something I can see myself making again for a party or potluck.

Below is the steps I took to make this culinary experiment which I call … Butternut Squash spread and Butternut Squash Syrup. The syrup was delicious warmed up and drizzled over French Toast or Pancakes. I can imagine it’d be delicious drizzled over some Vanilla ice cream. I doubt anyone has ever tried a Butternut Squash sundae. (n_n) And the Butternut Squash spread is great on warm toast or even a whole-wheat flour tortilla. What I love the most about this successful experiment is that it’s purely organic and you know what went in it so you don’t have to worry about the unknown items you might find in a store bought product. (T_T) Which I doubt there even in a Butternut squash spread or syrup in stores. Maybe a farmers market but not a chain store. Ok, I’m rambling on again. Here’s my recipe to share with you …


[] 1 Medium sized Butternut Squash *Buy an Organic one*

[] 1 Bottle of Maple Syrup or Honey but Maple Syrup gives it that yummy maple taste

[] Cinnamon

[] Sugar *I used Turbinado sugar “Sugar in the Raw” but I’m sure white or brown will work as well*

[] Nutmeg

[] Pumpkin pie spice

[] Salt and Pepper *Pepper gave it a little hint of kick*

[] Milk


[] Cooking Pot

[] Potato Masher

[] Spoon for tasting

[] Rubber Spatula

Ok, so being this was a culinary experiment I didn’t exactly measure everything so the measurements are purely estimated by how much I think I added. Please, taste as you go and adjusting according to your own taste buds.

STEP 1 : Peel the whole Butternut Squash.

** The Butternut Squash has a very thick exterior so some vegetable peelers may have difficulty peeling the skin off. I suggest you buy a Titan Peeler. Best Peeler I own ! It can peel anything from a hard Jicama to a soft item like a tomato. You can buy one for about $15 on**

STEP 2 : Cut the Butternut Squash in ½ then into cubes.

** Make sure you have a sharp knife and in this part you have to be very careful as the Butternut Squash is very hard and take a little elbow grease to cut open. My suggestion is to cut a deep line around the squash then continue cutting through in sections along that same line then gently pry it open. Please, be very careful ! Once you got the Butternut Squash in ½ cut the Butternut squash into strips then into … I dunno. 1″ inch cubes ?**

STEP 3 : Boil the Butternut Squash. Boil about 2-4 cups of water and add the squash in.

** The Butternut Squash will be ready when you can easily pierce it with a fork or knife. This is the moment you get to relax and thank god you still have all your fingers and hands after cutting through the tough Butternut Squash. While the Butternut Squash is boiling take this time to lay out all your next ingredients so they’re ready for the next step**

STEP 4 : Drain the Butternut Squash and Do the Monster Mash ! L0L Mash the Butternut Squash.

** Drain the Butternut Squash and return it back to the same pot.The Butternut Squash will be ready when if you take a fork or knife and it easily pierces right through the squash. Take your Potato masher and mash up the Butternut Squash cubes into mashed potato consistency. This is a great opportunity to release any stress or frustrations through your mashing actions. **

STEP 5 : Adding the Spices – Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Pumpkin spice, Sugar, etc.

** Add in about a ½ tablespoon of Cinnamon – a teaspoon of Nutmeg and about 2 teaspoons of Pumpkin pie spice – 2-4 tablespoons of Sugar – a pinch of salt – dash of pepper – and a splash of milk about ¼ cup or more. **

STEP 6 : Stir it up then add the sweetness. (n_n)

** Take your spatula and stir in all the spices first to incorporate into the mashed Butternut Squash. Pour in your milk and continue to stir. Take your bottle of Maple Syrup/Honey and drizzle into the Butternut Squash mix. Rather than stirring fold the Maple Syrup/Honey in. Folding is just as the word says pretending your folding a towel or sheet of clay with your spatula. It gently incorporates the Maple Syrup/Honey in rather than melting into it if you stirred. I think I used about a cup and a ½ of the Maple Syrup as the syrup I had on hand wasn’t very sweet. **

STEP 7 : Reheat the Mix

** After adding in the milk and the Maple Syrup/Honey the Butternut Squash mix should be a little liquidy. Boil the mashed Butternut Squash mix to reduce down some of the liquid and to melt some of the Maple Syrup/Honey in. This is the time you should taste the mix and adjust to your taste buds. Add more Syrup, Cinnamon, etc. that you feel needs adjustments. **

STEP 8 : Strain the goodness

** Take a strainer and place a medium/large bowl under the strainer. Pour the Butternut Squash puree as you can call it into the strainer and take your spatula to press the Butternut Squash liquid through the strainer til you’re just left with some Butternut Squash pulp in the strainer. DO NOT … I repeat DO NOT throw out the Butternut Squash pulp left in the strainer !! **

STEP 9 : Chill, Jar or Use the Butternut Squash Syrup

** Transfer the strained liquid into a jar or container and place into the fridge. If you can’t wait and wanna try this. Grab a piece of bread of if you have some Ice cream in the freezer drizzle a spoonful of the warm Butternut Squash syrup over your Ice cream. It’s heaven even just over plain slice of bread. **

STEP 10 : Nothing Get’s Wasted !!

** Now to address what to do with the Butternut Squash pulp left in the strainer. Do not throw it out ! Oh no no no !! (U_U) Place it into a separate container and put it into the fridge. When you chill it it will thicken just a bit since the liquid in the mixture has been drained out it’s pretty much just dense pulpy goodness. This is what I call the Butternut Squash jam/spread ! When it thickens up in the fridge you can spoon this onto toasted bread like jam or a Butternut Squash butter minus the guilt of butter. 😉 I can imagine making a large batch of this and placing it into a pie shell to make a Butternut Squash pie as it does thicken up to like a cheesecake-ish consistency. **

Well, that is my CR8TiV Butternut Squash Culinary Experiment that turned out successful. I am sure if you were to add a little Powdered sugar and mixed in a cornstarch slurry *Teaspoon of cornstarch mixed into like a tablespoon or two of water* you can turn this Butternut Squash syrup into a frosting which you can top cupcakes with. It’s really delicious and healthy for you ! Lessen the sugar and I’m sure it’ll work great as a Butternut Squash baby food for toddlers as well. (n_n) Nummy Nummy !!

Ok, so that is one proof that CR8TiV doesn’t just stop at the Canvas or Art Studio but it can be anywhere such as the Kitchen in this example. So go out there and B3 B0LD … B3 Inspir3d … and most of all B3 CR8TiV !! ~ MYT CR8TiV


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