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Adventures in Pom Pom Land – MUST HAVE Book !!

on March 5, 2013

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Hey, CR8TiV peepo ! It’s been awhile since I last shared a review on something but I had to share this book with you all today. As an early Birthday present to myself I bought this book “Adventures in Pom Pom Land” off Amazon. I was so excited when I got the book yesterday ! As soon as I opened up the book I almost came to tears cuz everything is so darn cute. The pictures are amazing and the book is very easy to follow and understand. My Mom first taught me how to make yarn Pom Poms when I was a little girl and I was addicted to the puffy balls. Soon after she taught me to crochet but I always had a special spot in my heart for yarn pom poms. They’re just so fun !

I never really knew what to do with my yarn pom poms after I’ve made them besides topping beanies I made. I did make a few pom pom creatures but this book took that to a whole new level ! The 25 pom pom animals featured in this book are just so darn adorable. With Easter around the corner I am hoping to try out the bunnies and chick pom poms. There were a few details that seem missing from the book such as how to make the neat and tightly compact pom poms that majority of the animal heads are. From my experience you get that neat and tightly compacted pom pom by snipping away as closely to the center of the pom pom as possible. I find squeezing the pom pom in your hand as you shape the pom pom helps squeeze up long strands and makes it a bit easier to trim evenly. Another tip is after the pom pom is formed … roll it in your hands like you would roll dough/clay into a ball. It helps the pom pom form more roundly and helps fluff up larger/fuller pom poms.

Overall this is an awesome book and in my opinion a MUST-HAVE book for those who love cute animals and have stashes of yarn remnants too small to make anything with. B3 CR8TiV and using the book as a guide try making other creatures besides what’s in the book. I’ll post up pictures of my Pom Pom creatures once I finish them up. I have a bunny and a rainbow feathered owl in the works. I recommend this book as it’s simple to follow and the making of pom poms is something for ALL ages ! Even a young child can get into this. B3 B0LD … B3 INSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV ! ~ MYT CR8TiV

********************************************** UPDATE “EDITED”****************************************************

Hi, I thought I’d update this post by sharing some TIPS and HINTS to go along with this book. Hopefully my tips are useful and helpful to you !

Tip #1: In the book it says to use waxed twine to gather your yarn together to hold your pom pom strands. Some people might find it difficult to find waxed twine or even know where to find such a thing. My tip is use dental floss ! (n_n) It comes in a handy little storage box if it’s own and very inexpensive. I’d suggest you buy a unflavored just plain waxed floss but for fun you can use mint or cinnamon flavored floss. It’d give your pom pom and light scented scent of mint or cinnamon.

Tip #2: In the supplies part of the book they talk about glass eyes work best for the eyes of each pom pom critter. If you can’t find glass eyes or find that they’re a tad pricey as most glass eye beads usually just come in a pair and if you’re planning to make many pom pom critters the price can get heavy to buy multiple packs. I just bought a bag of black seed beads and pony beads for like $2. They work just as fine as the glass eye beads. Just glue them into the pom pom with the bead hole hidden away.

Tip #3: I do this for my sewing projects too but ALWAYS keep separate scissors for each craft. I have scissors for cutting fabric, paper, yarn, felt, etc. This way your scissors stay sharp for whatever project you are going to be working on. The 99 cents only store sells nice crafting scissors for $1 so you can buy a bunch cheap for each craft. If and when your scissors do start to feel dull don’t fret and toss them aside. I’m not really sure if this trick really works but I’ve been sharpening my scissors by taking a sheet of Heavy Duty Aluminum foil and folding it several times into a thick sheet then snipping through it with my scissors repeatedly. Supposedly this is suppose to sharpen the blades.

Tip #4: When trimming your pom pom you’ll trim away ALOT of yarn and the lint get’s everywhere from your shirt, the floor, etc. Keep a lint roller nearby handy and I bought a high edged trash bin from the dollar store which I use for my yarn trimming which helps keep the flying lint to a minimum.

Tip #5: Don’t throw out your yarn trimmings from your pom poms. You can reuse them by turning them into felt or felting material. What you do is take your yarn trimmings and wet them in a bowl of water. Squish the yarn trimmings into a ball or something by compressing all the water out. Let it dry and now you have a compressed sheet of yarn remnants which can be used for something else. You can spray a little starch or mix some white glue like elmers with water and roll them into a shape like Easter eggs. 😀 It recycles the yarn trimmings which otherwise would of been a waste.

If I have any other tips to share I’ll be sure to post them up ! But that’s all I have for now. Hope you find them helpful and useless.


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