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Valentine’s Day Tutorial *Coming Soon*

on January 12, 2013

143I know that Valentine’s Day is still days, weeks, and month away but when you’re a CR8TiV crafter you always want to jump ahead and start creating something whether it’d be a gift, something to decorate your home/office/car/work space, etc. In my case I LOVE holidays and bypass store bought gifts but rather craft something of my own bcuz you know it’s going to be a unique gift that you’ll never find in a store and is a one of a kind gift. I’m planning to create my own handrawn greeting cards this year which I’m going to mail out to my friends and family.

I will definitely post the completed greeting cards to give you all inspiration to pick up a pack of cardstock instead of a pre-made greeting card from like Hallmark. And to help you with the artwork for your greeting cards I will post a tutorial on how to create Kawaii *Cute* characters whether Chibi people or Human. I will teach you the basics to making a Kawaii *cute* face which will work for ANY character you plan to create.  I will guide you step by step to creating the easiest and most cutest characters to draw on greeting cards, post cards, or to just impress your friends with cuteness. So stay tuned for that tutorial !! (n_n)

I plan to do more tutorials in the future but first I need to find the right software or way to creating my tutorials. I can just handraw them on a sheet of paper and label each step but I’d like to post my first video tutorial if possible so you can see how it’s drawn live. First, I’m gonna have to create a clean tutorial space. I don’t wanna make a tutorial and you see my messy craft table or messy room. I want to video record my tutorials properly. So until I figure that all out … video tutorials are still on hold.

If you need an easy craft idea for Valentine’s try the Crochet 3D heart pattern. It’s very simple and just requires a Crochet hook and some yarn. I made two(2) Crochet hearts already and found that using Two(2) different colors of yarn together makes for a thicker heart and you won’t see the holes that most crocheted amigurumi can sometimes make. Also it leaves your crochet heart to come out in a cool pattern. I used Red and Pink yarn and rather than being in one color the Red and Pink sorta swirled in making a cool patterned heart.

You can find a written pattern for making the Crochet 3D heart @ or if you are a visual learner like me there is a excellent video tutorial on YouTube @ Once you have completed making these hearts be CR8TiV and string them together to make a garland or use puffy paints to write the names of those you Love inside each heart or write a phrase like Love in different languages (i.e AMOR, MAHAL) or just put different words like PEACE, JOY, HAPPY, LOVE, etc. Be CR8TiV !! I am sure that ANYONE would love an cherish a crocheted heart. It’s a gift that will last forever unlike a bouquet of roses which will eventually die or a box of chocolate which will eventually be all eaten. This crochet heart is the BEST way to express your forever Love to someone whether friend, family, spouse, or whoever.

Well, please stay tuned for my Tutorial *Coming Soon*. Remember as always B3 BOLD, B3 INSPiR3D, B3 MYT CR8TiV !!


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