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Music inspires CR8TiViTY !! What do you listen to ?

on November 15, 2012

What time of music do you listen to while working on a CR8TiV project ? I like listening to classical piano solo music while working on a CR8TiV project. I find that listening to piano solo helps me focus better compared to listening to something with a beat like Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, or whatever that doesn’t really help you focus much. If you’ve got an iPad or Laptop here’s two sites that I recommend for listening to piano solo music online ….

Whisperings Piano Solo :

Many Different Instrumental Solo @ CalmRadio :

I find that these two online stations help me relax and focus better when working on a CR8TiV project and what’s even better is there’s completely free to listen to. I find this type of music alot better than the modern junk you hear on the radio nowadays. You can listen to this via mobile phone as well as they have App Store and Android Market apps so you can listen while on the go too.But I kinda give a far warning to not listen to this while tired bcuz they can relax you so much that you can sometimes get sleepy and getting sleepy behind the wheel isn’t a very safe thing. But it’s great to listen to before bed or even during to help you fall asleep.

When I have children I am always going to be playing these Piano/Instrumental Solos bcuz they are very calming and someday I hope to learn to play the Piano so I can create my own calming melodies. So what type of music do you listen to while working on a CR8TiV project or what type of music helps you get through tasks easier like washing dishes or cleaning the house ?? Music is very powerful in was of inspiration, relaxation, and helping the mind focus more clearer. So today listen to something that works the mind than the body.


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