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FolkArt : Craft Paints

on November 11, 2012

Hello ! It’s been awhile since I last posted on here. Hope everyone is having a CR8TiV Sunday ! Well, I don’t post on here often bcuz I am usually consumed in a CR8TiV project of some sort whether it’s helping a friend with artwork for his online stories or CR8TiV writing projects or just working on a personal project of my own. I’m currently working on a painting. I thought I’d share with you and give you a review of the acrylic paints I use and would recommend when painting a project.

I plan in the future to share with you tutorials both YouTube video and photo tutorials on here but it won’t be anytime in the near future as I don’t really have means of filming or good quality cameras for photo tutorials nor a space to do it. But I promise I will become more active here in the future and provide more than just product reviews and written tutorials.

Anyways back on topic the paint I used is called FOLKART by the PLAID company. I mainly use the Acrylics but they have tons of paints for different projects like enamel paints for ceramics and glass, outdoor paints if you’re painting projects that’ll be outdoors like a planter pot or a lawn chair, etc. But my favorites has to be the Glitters and Metallics. They have a certain vibrant punch and shimmer to your paint projects especially canvas paintings. There is a very large pallet of colors to choose from so I am sure that FOLK ART will have the color you need for your painting projects.

FOLK ART paints are very affordable as well. Walmart sells the acrylic paint colors for $.97 cents I believe it was and about $1 something for the specialty paints like the glitters and metallics. Jo-Anns also I believe sells the FOLK ART Acrylic paints at $.97 cents with the specialty paints at $1.97. I am not 100% sure on the exact prices but I get my FOLK ART paints from Walmart mostly.

While you’re at Walmart another MUST-HAVE item for painting is the Pocket Color wheel.                  *Pictured Below*

It costs about $10 and is a MUST-HAVE item when mixing paint colors to create a custom color. I remembered my paint mixing lessons from Kindergarten but they only went so far as to learning how to make colors using the basic Primary colors : Red, Blue, Yellow. But with this color wheel it tells you exactly what color to add in to get the color you need.

It has a swivel panel which you can turn to get different hues from darkest to lightest. The amount of paint you add isn’t listed but I guess that depends on what you’re painting. So the amount is to your discretion.

But having this is really handy when you don’t have a brown paint or need a darker purple or wanna make a color like Turquoise. I have found myself turning to this color wheel many times to make a color I didn’t have on hand.

The color wheel is also useful for wall painting too. On the other side of this pocket color wheel is color coordinates. *SEE PICTURE BELOW* It can be helpful when deciding what paint colors go well with each other. It can also be helpful for quilters so you can see what colors blend well when making a quilt. So this pocket color wheel is really handy for a CR8TiV crafter who is skilled in many different crafts from quilting, painting, crochet, knitting, etc. This color wheel can help a great deal with deciding color schemes and such.

Well, those are my Two(2) MUST-HAVE painting supplies : FOLK ART paints and the Pocket Color Wheel. Til next time stay CR8TiV … B3 B0LD … B3 Inspired … B3 MYT CR8TiV !! Have a great weekend and bundle up cuz it’s been pretty chilly these past few days. (n_n)

**Below is a painting I just recently finished using my FOLK ART Acrylic paints**

Hand-painted By : MYT CR8TiV™

November 2012©.


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