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on October 4, 2012

(=_=”) I really apologize for not getting an active habit into posting on my Craft blog. Those of you know I’m constantly working on a craft project of some type of medium whether clay, paint, yarn, or my new addiction embroidery. So far I have made a few embroidery projects such as a few name embroidery for a friend, my niece who originally got me hooked to embroidery/cross-stitching, and a few random designs such as Pikachu, Two Kittens, a Koi fish, etc. I will post pictures up of the completely projects soon as possible.

But for those of you who are looking to try embroidery/cross-stitch let me help you out. Walmart is the cheapest place to shop for supplies. I bought an 8″ Embroidery hoop for like $2.50 and a 6″ Embroidery hoop for under $2. The embroidery floss is also a great buy from Walmart. I bought a 101 pack of solid colors for under $10 and a smaller 30 pack of both solid and variegated colors for under $5. For those of you wondering what’s variegated color it’s embroidery thread that has colors that change such as a different hues of blue. Blue goes from dark to sky to a powder blue hue in one string.

Although embroidery can be applied to any type of fabric I use felt sheets for my embroidery projects. Now for the stitch techniques I found a lovely lady on YouTube by the name of Mary Corbet who has video tutorials of ALL the basic embroidery stitches as well as some advanced ones. I tend to use the back stitch more often than the rest but when you’re in the challenging mood check out her channel to learn some. I’m currently trying to learn the French Knot for a embroidery design I plan to give to my Mom for her Birthday in November. Below is a link to her YouTube Channel ….

She also has an excellent website for all the Tips, Tricks, Bells, and Whistles of Embroidery. Go Check it out !!


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