A Place to Enhance and Inspire to be CR8TiV !

My *NEW* puppy Leila

on August 5, 2012

I haven’t been posting on my CR8TiV blog as often as I’d like as Life has been keeping me pretty busy lately. I am a bit more active on my PsychoBabblesBlog so subscribe there too. Umm … before I post my recent sketch of my newest family addition. I’d like to encourage you to be CR8TiV  everyday. Cr8tivity is everywhere and whether it’s in a Instagram photo, a craft project, a notebook doodle, etc. Never stop being CR8TiV !! I do admit that sometimes I do take breaks or hiatus from being CR8TiV and at times has lost touch with my Cr8tivity but it’s always there and when you least expect it … it will peak ! Cr8tivity flames never die out. So look through cr8tiv eyes and be inspired everyday !!

Here is my latest CR8TiV sketch which is a sketch of my pup … Leila ! She is a 8 week old – Pomchi “Pomeranian-Chihuahua”.


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