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Feeling Hot ? Cool off with a Maglite Flashlight !!

on July 22, 2012

Summer is always HOT and the time we just feel like emptying out the fridge and sit inside it. But with the sagging economy not everyone can afford to switch on their AC or buy a AC. Sure, we can afford to get a fan or two but all that does is pretty much blow hot air around your room/house. We need that instant relief of coolness. We all search for it be it a local Swimming pool or just drive somewhere in the car to take advantage of the car AC or hit the beach. But then you get home and back to being hot.

Now you read the title of this blog post correctly … I said cool off with Maglite. Yes, I said Maglite ! Those big metal flashlights that most police officers carry. It’s a portable AC that costs nothing bcuz it runs on no electricity or batteries. Well, the flashlight runs on batteries but to use it as a AC costs nothing. The metal of the Maglite is generally cold to the touch but get’s warm after it’s been handled.

How is that make it an AC you ask ?? Well, you take the Maglite … I use the large kind that Police officers would carry. You roll the maglite onto your skin whether across your belly, neck, back, etc. You continue to roll the maglite onto your skin until the Maglite has become warm. Set the Maglite down for a few minutes and it’ll return back to it’s cold icy temp which then you can go back and roll the Maglite on your skin again.

You get the same feeling as you would rolling a ice cold can of beer or soda against your face. Except with the Maglite just leaving it alone for a few minutes it returns to it’s cold temp so the cooling feeling you get from the Maglite is forever. After a few minutes of rolling the cold Maglite across my belly and I feel instantly cooler than before.

The Maglite even works for minor bruises or sprains. Just apply to the area for a few minutes when the Maglite feels warm to the touch set it down to cool back down. Ice often leaves you numb and can be bad for the skin cells if left too long on the skin. But the Maglite just gives a nice cooling sensation when applied to the skin.

I know this sounds a bit redneck-ish or something but until you actually try this don’t judge. So grab your husband’s Maglite and try it out. Comment with what you felt after trying this cooling tip. And a plus is if all those who can afford to switch on the AC causes a power outage your cooling Maglite is a flashlight to light your way and keep you cool. 😀


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