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Please, show some dignity !

on July 12, 2012

Hi everyone ! (=_=) I’m trying hard to stay active on my MYT CR8TiV site but been more active on my personal blog. But I am going to try my best and become active posting here too. So my post today is about showing some self-respect. As a crafter we are inspired everyday by many things mostly by things we saw on Pinterest, YouTube, CraftGawker, Etsy, etc.

I subscribe on YouTube to a crafter by the name of JustAddABow. She teaches you how to many hairbows for girls via YouTube Tutorials. She also makes custom-made tutus for girls and she recently posted a tutorial on how she makes those Tutus. I have a niece who’s in ballet so I wanted to make her a special tutu and just generally love expanding my creativity.

So I went to my local Walmart to find the tulle rolls which are used to make these tutus. I turn down the aisle that has all the crafting ribbon and I come across two(2) grown women fighting over tulle rolls. Apparently they’ve also watched the same tutorial vid as I did and planning to give it a go. But there wasn’t much color choices and the two(2) women were fighting over a purple roll of tulle.

The one woman had a Magenta/Fushia Pink, Purple, and Bubble gum pink colors and the other woman had the Magenta/Fushia Pink and White but apparently both of them reached for the Purple tulle roll at the same time and the other woman said “Excuse me I was going to buy that roll” and I think the other woman said something “Like too bad it’s mine”.

I stood by looking at other ribbons to add to my hairbow ribbon supply when the other lady said “I was reaching for it first and my grandaughters favorite color is purple” ! The other woman replied “My daughters 3rd birthday is next month and her favorite color is purple too” Next thing I knew this two(2) grown women were fighting over a roll of tulle in a Walmart. They were tugging and pulling like two(2) 3 yr. olds in a tug-a-war over a doll.

When their backs were turned I quickly grabbed a bubble gum pink and white tulle roll and got the heck outta there before they sucked me into their squabble for grabbing a pink and white roll. But seriously people like that make crafting get a bad rap. If she took the tulle roll color you were hoping to get then just go to another Walmart and look for it there.

The Walmart I go to has another Walmart only a few minutes drive from each other. But seriously don’t fight over craft supplies. What are you toddlers fighting over who get’s to use the red crayon ? We’re grown adults and should not stoop to such childish behavior like that. Show some self-respect and dignity bcuz you’re only embarrassing yourselves fighting over something as petty as a roll of tulle in a Walmart.

It’s people like this that is why Walmart has such a bad reputation for being the store of weirdos and freaks. When in reality Walmart is a great store for deals and for crafters like myself it’s a great place to find supplies without breaking your wallet. So please leave your childish behaviors at home and show self-respect, dignity, and maturity when in public.


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