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MYT Refreshing … Strawberry Lemonade *Recipe included*

on May 11, 2012


I tend to have this knack for coming up with delicious recipes AKA kitchen experiments using whatever is in the fridge or pantry. Today I came up with something that was very delicious ! I had one Lemon and a bowl of Strawberries that I got from my Mom last weekend.

I was trying to think what can I do with these two ingredients. It’s been quite humid these past couple days that I often feel like Spring has just skipped out and Summer heat has taken over. So what comes to mind when you got a Lemon and Summer heat … Lemonade !!I only had one Lemon so I was limited with how lemony my Lemonade can go.

I grabbed a pitcher and filled it with about a gallon of water. First, I sliced a few thin slices of Lemon for garnish then squeezed the rest to the water. Of course you can’t make lemonade without Sugar and Lemonade takes alot of sugar. I think I added like ½ cup – 1 cup of Sugar to the water.

Keep in mind I only had one lemon so it didn’t taste like much but the sugar seems to have enhanced the flavor of the lemon that it tasted like I had more than just one lemon. But it still needed some more umph and was missing something. So I took a lookie in my fridge to see what else I can add to it. I had pears but I don’t feel like slicing, peeling, and pureeing pears. Although a Pear-Lemonade would be interesting.

Then I saw my bowl of Strawberries just chillin’ there. They’ve already been washed and thought Strawberry Lemonade sounds great ! So I removed the green stems on each strawberry. I call them strawberry toupee as it makes the strawberries look like they had a green wig/hat on. Anyways I had about maybe 20 strawberries. I rewashed them and grabbed a whisk to mash them into a puree like consistency and added the pureed strawberries into the lemonade mix. Saved a few for garnish. But after chilling in the fridge for a few hours I grabbed a cup and it was very refreshing !! 😀 It would make excellent popsicles or even a Granita/Margarita for grow ups.

So it seems another successful kitchen experience using scraps or whatever is in the fridge. Below is the recipe for which I made my Strawberry Lemonade. Enjoy !! ;D


[] 1 Lemon *You can use more if you got it*

[] ½ cup to 1 cup Sugar *Adjust to taste*

[] A package of Strawberries *Approx 20*

[] Filtered Drinking Water

STEP 1 : Make about 4 thin Slices of the Lemon for garnish before you squeeze the juice from them.

STEP 2 : Juice the Lemon(s) into the Pitcher of Water

STEP 3 : Add the Sugar and Stir til Dissolved

STEP 4 : Wash and Remove the tops of the Strawberries

STEP 5 : Save a few Strawberries for garnish. *I just placed about 4-6 strawberries into the pitcher but you can slice like 2-3 and put the slices into the pitcher*

STEP 6 : Use a Fork, Whisk, Potato Masher, etc. to mash the Strawberries into a Puree. *I used a whisk but if you got a Food Processor or Blender you can use that too*

STEP 7 : Add the Strawberry Puree to the Lemonade mixture

STEP 8 : Toss in the Lemon Slices and Strawberries/Strawberry Slices into the Water for Garnish

STEP 9 : Let it chill in the fridge for like 30 minutes but if you’re serving @ a party or something just toss ice into the Pitcher

STEP 10 : Enjoy the refreshing beverage !

Next time I’ll post about my kitchen experiment with making Tomato soup more appealing. It was very delicious using again items I had rolling around in my pantry. 😛


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