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on May 7, 2012

Hello fellow CR8TiV beings ! Happy Monday !! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I know I did cuz my Birthday was on Saturday and I spent the day @ the LA Zoo with the ones I Love.

So today is a pretty mellow day and I don’t really have a craft project or tip to share today. I am working on a iPad Tote bag for my Sister for Mothers Day which I will post pics of and maybe a tutorial for it.

Today I wanted to share the link to the MYT CR8TiV Facebook page. Please, visit and like the page. It is where I post my latest one panel comic called PEEK-A-BOO. Every Monday I post up a *NEW* PEEK-A-BOO series. Each one has a different theme, color, facial expression, etc.

I also post random art that I was currently doodling or any current projects I was working on. So please visit the MYT CR8TiV Facebook page, Like us, and Share us with your friends. I’m thinking up an idea to do an Art giveaway soon where I’ll either draw something per your request or craft something and place into a surprise bag where the winner will not know what the prize is until you get it. Keep in touch for updates on that !! (n_n)


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