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MYT CR8TiV : Tutorial #1

on April 26, 2012

Hello all you CR8TiV people out there ! (n_n)/ *Waves Hello* I thought today I’d try out making my 1st tutorial. Now please forgive me for it looking a bit kindergarten-ish and promise you that I will make you a better hand-drawn tutorial in the near future. Today is just to test out the concept of making a tutorial for you guys and as time comes I will go from this to hand-drawn tutorials to video tutorials which I will post on to YouTube. For now this is my first time so please bear with me and negative comments will not be appreciated nor tolerated.

So let’s get started …. (n__n) I will be teaching you how to draw a basic cat using some basic shapes. Most drawing are created out of basic shapes. Look around you and see if you can spot basic shapes in your Life from Photo shots to a Painting hanging on your wall. So with that in mind … Let’s Begin !

Pretty simple, huh ? I hope that this has taught even those who’ve never draw before *(T~T) Which I doubt exists* to learn how to draw something as simple as a Cat. My next tutorial I will hand-draw my tutorial but the subject is still being decided. Comment if there’s a request that you’d like me to make a tutorial on. Until then … B3 Inspired ! B3 Bold !! B3 CR8TiV !!


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