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on April 16, 2012

Sorry for the delay in updating my site. I had a pretty long Easter/Spring Break vacation and just got back. For my 1st post on MYT CR8TiV I’d like to share tips for recycling and reusing your trash creatively. Our trash ends up in a landfill AKA garbage dump and if you’ve ever visited one for a school field trip or any reason you’d see billions of mounds where trash is piled. Most are sorted for recycle materials like Cans, Bottles, Plastic, etc. But the non recyclable materials are just piled up and left there till they decide what to do with it.

Well, with some creativity you can assist in helping lessen the amount of trash sent to the landfills. For example … the banana peels, vegetable trimmings that were thrown out … you can place those in a composter to turn to soil for your garden. Had a Easter party this weekend and drank a couple brewskis ? Well, every glass bottle has a unique color, shape, and form. A can of spray paint can zazz up a old beer bottle to be reused as a flower vase. You can also carefully break the glass bottle to use for mosaic tile art. Of course you’ll have to rinse out the bottles first.

Glass is one of my favorite items to reuse. If you made spaghetti last night … Save the Jar !! Rinse it out and let it soak in hot soapy water to sanitize. You can then either carefully drill holes in the bottom of the jar to reuse as a plant pot or make a terrarium or use it to store your craft items like beads, scraps, paintbrushes, pencils, markers, etc. You could of course use them to organize your children’s room by using the jars for their crayons, markers, legos, etc. You can paint them or decorate them anyway you like. Even have the kids decorate their own jars and use a label maker to label them. I could fit like 10-15 jars of different sizes in a drawer easily.

Think creatively about your trash next time. Those little baskets that your strawberry came in … those can easily be reused to hold your kitchen sponges so it’s not just laying on the kitchen sink. If you crochet you can do what my Mom does which she cuts the top off the baskets and crochets around the basket then sticks a roll of tissue paper in the basket to make a easy tissue dispenser.

Trash can be reused in many different ways other than being sent to the landfill/garbage dump. Those grocery store ad newspapers can be saved to cover your table the next time your crafting. Look at your Trash creatively and you’ll help save the planet a little.


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