A Place to Enhance and Inspire to be CR8TiV !

Welcome to MYT CR8TiV !! (n__n)

on April 6, 2012

Welcome to the GRAND OPENING of MYT !! (n_n) I am so excited about all the things I’m going to share with you all and the endless amounts of creativity that is going to overflow from this blog site. *Screams in Excitement* So for those of you unfamiliar with MYT CR8TiV it is my artist tag name. MYT is my initials by birth and Creative is my middle name. (^~^) *Joking* Friends and People who know me know that I love anything Creative whether it’s drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, crochet, paper art, etc.

After many friends encouragement and my own ambitions I have decided to take the plunge and open up my own domain. Now be it this is a blog and not an actual website but if and when I develop a large range of fans, followers, blog traffic, etc. I plan to move on up and open an actual website where my digital creativity can expand alot more. But for now this will just be my little CR8TiV blog where I’ll be sharing my creative drawings, crafts, and of course I’ll be doing tutorials on occasions as well.

I’ve been drawing since the day I could hold a pencil in my hand. I’ve always had a knack for Art. Art class was always my favorite subject in school aside from English or Creative Writing. But overtime I have perfected my artistic skills and continue to do so everyday. You shouldn’t stop expanding your creativity just bcuz you’ve learned the many techniques of Anime or Knitting or whatever. Learning is a never ending process you learn something new everyday so why not use the same concept in your creativity.

Do not believe the stereotypes that ALL Asians/Japanese can draw. That is not true at all !! Not all Japanese can draw Anime or Manga or draw at all. I believe that everyone is talented in their own shape or form. Being creative is something we all have inside of us and we just have to bring it out. Some creative in Fashion sense, some creative in Photography, some creative on canvas, etc. Creativity has no limitations ! Anything is and can be considered creative.


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