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To Sell or Not To Sell ?? That is the Question. (T ~ T)

ht_chinchilla_cart_kb_ss_131202_sshChristmas is slowly inching upon us and also the 2015 year. (>~<) I made a resolution in 2014 that I’d start my own MYT CR8TiV™ shop either on Etsy or eBay or ??? But I didn’t feel I was quite ready to do that. I’m still lost in how to securely ship my polymer clay creations without them breaking or getting damaged in the shipping process. Also shipping them out was a bit of an issue also. With my husband’s work schedule the only shipping option I had available to me was FedEx bcuz I have a FedEx Office location that’s open 24 hrs. I could ship items out on my husband’s days off which is weekend but another dilemma is places like the US Postal Office are closed on weekends.

A lot of my friends have suggested just to have my packages picked up either by the UPS or Mailman but my living situation is a bit difficult that even getting packages is difficult due to my Landlord living in the front house and their Bull Terrier “Dexter” occasionally being let out in the fenced off premises. I’ve asked them to postpone letting their dog out a few times as I’m expecting a package but either they have short-term memory or just don’t care and let the dog out again anyways. So having a UPS or Mailman pick up package is a no go. :(

But then I thought maybe I’ll just put Prints up for sale ? Prints are easy to ship as I don’t need packing peanuts, bubble wrap, boxes, or any shipping supplies … just an envelope and a stamp. To mail out each handrawn print would cost the price of a postage stamp and I have a roll of 100 stamps so it’d be easy for me to ship out handrawn prints. So I started drawing Christmas themed prints on blank white index cards “Without lines” and thinking these can be used as postcards for someone or I can glue them onto folded cardstock to make them into greeting cards.

Now the dilemma is where to put them up for Sale. I watched a YouTube video about selling on eBay and Etsy their views about selling on Etsy didn’t sound too appealing but their views on selling on eBay didn’t sound too appealing either. What I really want is to sell in my own private website or shop but this is currently my website as I don’t exactly have the funds to create an actual website at the moment. I’m hoping to get a shop started so I can start making some $$$ to push MYT CR8TiV™ forward to becoming what I want it to become. Once I have the $$$ I plan to start selling many things from Polymer Clay critters/creations, Art Prints, Paintings, Amateur Photography shots, Upcycled Art, and many other things. But in order to do this it requires principle $$$ to start.

I currently sell items via personal messaging and emails. You email me or send me a personal message on my Facebook page regarding a custom item or item I have available that you’re interested in and we exchange information for shipping. Payment is then made by PayPal. I have many several sales this way successfully using this method. But some seems weary or untrusting of this method and shy away. :(

Anyways I am planning to sell Christmas themed Prints for about $6 each or 2 for $10 soon as I get enough Christmas prints drawn. Each one is handrawn and colored so it takes time to create enough to be able to sell. I’m aiming at trying to create at least 50 handrawn prints to try to sell before Christmas but it’s very difficult and time consuming to do that many each being a different design. But once they are finished they will be posted on my MYT CR8TiV™ Facebook page ( for viewing and for buying. Just send me a private message if you are interested in buying one and I will offer it to transform into a Postcard for an additional $2 or to make it into a greeting card for also an additional $2. Does that price seem reasonable ??

Hopefully my attempt to raise funds toward pushing MYT CR8TiV™ forward to becoming something more than a blog site and Facebook page will come to pass.

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MYT CR8TiV Etsy Shop ??

small-shopHi !! (∩w∩)/ *waves* So Christmas is around the corner but first Thanksgiving ! As some of you know I am physically disabled and do not work nor receiving any financial assistance. But many of my close friends tell me that my CR8TiV talents are money worthy and suggests I sell my handmade things. I have had a few of you ask me if I have an Etsy shop to buy my clay creations or to request a custom order. I do take custom orders via private messaging through my email.

I always dreamed to have a successful shop to sell my own creations like many CR8TiV Artists I follow on Facebook who are very successful selling their items. But the only thing about Etsy is they take a percent of your sales profit. I’m not saying I’m greedy but I put in the time, effort, and hard work into my CR8TiV creations that I feel I deserve 100% of the sales profits. In order to get 100% of the sales profits I’d need to create a website with a shop that people can use PayPal to purchase with. Kinda wish that WordPress allows you to open a shop through your own blog page since this is kinda my website.

In all honesty I don’t think I’m really ready for mass sale orders. I haven’t perfected secure packaging of my polymer clay items, yet and I don’t really have a dedicated crafting area where I can constantly create inventory to post up on the shop. Please, feel free to comment below if you have suggestions on how to securely package polymer clay items and prevent them from breaking during the shipping process. A few previous custom orders I shipped arrived broken even with the use of bubble wrap, cotton balls, newspaper, etc.

There’s a lot to be done before I can open a shop online. At the moment I’m mainly selling privately via email and in person. For example I was quite busy with Paracord bracelet orders from my husband’s co-workers. Every order I receive get’s a *FREE* Surprise gift and sometimes the surprise gift can value more than the custom ordered item. But I was curious if I should try to make my 1st attempt at selling my craft creations to earn some Christmas spending money. I have a decent amount of Christmas themed polymer clay sculptures that I can post up for the Holidays. What do you think ? Would you be interested in purchasing something I made whether it’s a Polymer Clay thing or a handrawn print ?? Comment below whether you would shop if I opened up a Etsy shop.

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Canon Selphy CP910 Photo Printer

canon_selphy_cp910_black_thumbThis is not exactly a CR8TiV Art post but it is a product review that is very helpful if you are a Amateur photographer. One of my other CR8TiV talents besides drawing is Amateur Photography. I honestly didn’t even know I had this talent until I purchased my 1st high quality Digital camera some years back. The Casio Exilim camera has served me well for many of my 1000+ photos sitting on my computer. I still occasionally use it for minor photo shots. But I upgraded to the Canon sx30is camera *Which I am selling*I found this natural talent for taking pictures of flowers and wildlife.

You can view many of the Amateur Photography shots I’ve taken on my Flickr page :

But for many years I’ve have over 1000+ photos just sitting in my computer. I’ve wanted to print them out but didn’t know how. Going to a photo print place would cost me $100s to print out that many photos. But I got a call from my Mom asking her to help her shop for a photo printer to print out photos from her recent trip to Japan. Relatives were asking for copies of the photos she took and wanted to print them out herself. So I did some research and found this Canon Selphy CP910 photo printer. It got pretty good reviews on Amazon and what sealed the deal was that the language settings included Japanese. So I can easily set it up to Japanese for my Mom to understand.

After we went to the local store to check it out I fell in love with the tiny compact size and simplicity to print out a photo. It’s about the size of a pencil/makeup box and can easily fit in a backpack/suitcase in travel. It costs about $100 and the ink toner/paper refill is roughly under $40 dollars. The printer itself does give you a starter pack of paper and ink toner which only prints like 5 or 10photos to start I can’t remember. So I highly recommend you buy the refill pack when you purchase the printer. The Refill pack contains : Three(3) ink toners and Three(3) packs of photo paper which said to print up to 36 photos.

The quality of the print is excellent and it prints out pretty quickly. My only gripe is that it prints out with these perforated edges with you tear off but bcuz it is perferorated it leaves a jagged edge on each side of the photo print but it’s easily taken care of by using a photo or paper trimmer and cutting a small strip off the edges. I’ll create a more detailed PRO and CON list later. But I just love the fact that I can go out snap a bunch of photos and be able to print them out the same day. No more waiting for film to be developed or dropping off my photos to a photo shop. I can print them myself then and there.

My husband purchased this printer as our Wedding Anniversary present and I love it to pieces !! Now I just need to figure out how I can upgrade my Canon sx30is camera to the Panasonic Lumix FZ70 which has 60x zoom. Don’t get me wrong I like the 35x zoom on my Canon sx30is but I like to take alot of close up shots of birds and sometimes wildlife that I can’t quite reach with the 35x zoom. If you’re interested in a camera that can take pictures of the Moon and give you a pretty decent zoom I’m currently selling my Canon sx30is camera. It will include a Canon camera bag, a SD card reader, a lens cleaner kit, and a SD card. I’m asking $150 obo for it.

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Copyright Laws …


As a self-proclaimed Creative Artist I’ve had my share of Artwork being stolen and renamed as their own creation. It’s heartbreaking and frustrating at the same time that someone would take credit for work that you created. But to me I just let it be … I know and God knows that I created that artwork that someone else is taking credit for and besides I have the original artwork which if lucky at times will trump the thief but other times it’s just confusion of who’s the original creator and who’s not. (-__-)

In Jr. High I had a Art teacher who I wouldn’t exactly say encouraged people to copy or steal others artworks but she did teach us that it’s ok to copy bcuz no matter what your copy will never look exactly the same as the original. Even the most professional of professionals cannot make an exact copy bcuz there will always be something a tad off from the original. She also explained that when you do copy someone elses work to always put your own spin on it and add in your own uniqueness to it rather than making it exactly the same as the original.

I actually prefer my own creations but do look at others for an idea or inspiration towards my own creations. For example … maybe for a personal challenge I want to draw a tiger but unsure how the feet should be positioned or what type of pose is best. I’d look at photos of tigers and tiger drawings that other people did for an idea or inspiration towards my tiger drawing. I’m not copying or making it exact but more learning from the original in form of research.

Please, read this blog article on Copyright, Trademark, etc. It’s a very detailed and understandable well-written blog post on the topic. I highly recommend it if you are a Artist or anyone who is looking to understand Copyright and Trademark laws, etc. The link is posted here … CLICK HERE →

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Flesh tone markers …

58-7857_10ctMulticulturalHello ! I wanted to create a product review regarding these Crayola Multicultural markers. If you draw Anime/Manga/Chibi characters you often times stumble when it comes to coloring the skin tones. I like to use the Promarkers set 2 colors which contain colors such as Almond, Soft Peach, Sunkissed Pink, Primrose, and Pale Pink which are great for skin tones.

But I came across this pack of markers at my Target store in the clearance section and thought I’d give them a try. I’m sorry to say these aren’t really flesh toned at all. More or less these Multicultural colors are just a spectrum of browns from beach sand tan to chocolate/dark chocolate brown. If you color with alot of browns for like trees, owls, bears, etc. then this pack of markers might work for those looking for a variety of brown hues.

But these definitely don’t work as skin tones. It does include an Apricot and Beige which is suppose to be for lighter colored skin tones but even those colors aren’t very accurate from the cap color. The Apricot is more of a brownish orange/pink and Beige is more Hot chocolate light brown. If you can afford them Copics seems to have a great range of flesh tones as well as Prismacolor markers.

But if you are on a tight budget like myself Promarkers are the way to go. They do have two(2) sets of Skin Tones set for about $20. Each set has 6 markers … Set 1 has the following colors : Ivory, Satin, Almond, Putty, Coral, and Soft Peach – Set 2 has : Cinnamon, Tan, Burnt Sienna, Spice, Blush, and Dusty Pink. I would actually recommend getting both sets which provide a excellent set of range of skin tones to work with. Plus you get the streak-free color layout of Promarkers while the Crayola markers shows the streaks of which direction your strokes were going.

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Pratice what you Preach … (=⌂=”)


I’ve posted many of these on my Facebook page and I am punching myself in the face for not practicing what I preach. I truly apologize to Paul of Phoenix Glass for making a suggestion to his creation and saying it’s a bit too bland and needs something more. Of course as an Artist you will go through all sorts of criticism and you just have to learn to take it with a grain of salt and sometimes with a shot of vodka or tequila. But as an Artist myself I should know better than to suggest to tamper with someone else’s artistic creation. When someone creates something it’s perfect in their eyes “AS IS” but everyone’s views and opinions are different. The Artist who created it might feel it’s perfect but to someone else it might be missing something and boring or ugly. That’s purely their opinion and everyone is entitled to hold their own.

But as a Artist I always hated when someone made a remark about my Artwork that you should add this or used this color or that color instead of this or that or you should of changed this or that and this is a little crooked and one eye is slightly bigger. /(>D<)\ SHUT UP !!! It always annoyed me when people did that to me but at the same time I appreciated it and considered it a lesson for growth and to grow from their criticism whether negatively hurtful or positive. I also took note if it was repeatedly said or done. I took note that maybe I need to improve in that area or this area as it’s repeatedly being criticized. I also took note on what people seem to like more. So that I can occasionally cater to those who enjoy those types of Art. For example … Kawaii or cutesy Art seems to be favored by many and colorful creations that are full of color seem to catch their eyes.

This blog post isn’t really about my art or crafting but more a word of wisdom to remind you to practice what you preach. Don’t tell one person something then do the complete opposite. Like believing in Christianity and doing things that are completely opposite of what Christians do and believe. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not everyone needs to hear them especially if it’s a hurtful opinion that may not sit well with the person who’s hearing them.

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Whatcha Doin’ ?


Hello … Some of you have been asking what I’ve been up to as I haven’t posted any Art or anything lately. Well, I’ve kinda been in a emotional spiral lately which often dampens my CR8TiV by clouding it up with darkness and yucky stuff. I’m trying to pull myself out of this emotional storm by doodling here and there but I’m slowly getting there.

If you follow my Instagram page @MYTCR8TiV you’ll most likely see my recent doodlings posted up there. As far as CR8TiV goes … Umm … I am working on a Dragon sculpture with the help of a friend *ClimbingDragon : * who is also working on a Dragon sculpture. (=_=) Due to my Laziness I didn’t have any WIP *Work In Progress* pics but I will post up pics of the dragon once completed. Right now I’m working on the scales to the body then the scales which will go down the underside.

It’s kinda half-assed job since I forgot to bulk up the wire armature with foil before slapping on the air-dry clay. (>~<) I kinda got over excited and forgot some important steps but being it’s my 1st wire armatured sculpture it’s all a learning process and the next would look better. So far what I’ve learned from this is use a thicker gauge wire as I used wire I bought from the Dollar Tree or double up the wire wrap so it’s thick and strong. The right leg on the dragon kept bending from the weight of the clay.

But overall the dragon looks pretty great even for a boo boo 1st try. I plan to mount it onto a wood base and put some moss grass, pebbles, and I have a perfect stone egg that I can place into a nest to make it look as if the dragon is protecting it’s egg. I am excited to show you how it turns out but other than that I’m still alive and CR8Ting on and off. Sorry I haven’t had anything to share with you lately.

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Fond-ain’t just for cakes …


Yay !! It’s Friday !! Hope you’re going to be CR8TiV this weekend ! I haven’t posted on here in awhile as I’ve kinda been busy tinkering with these goodies *See the pic above*. My local Jo-Ann’s craft store was having a sale on Martha Stewart molds + my coupons made it a steal. I already have the bake shop mold on the far left but the one on the center and right are the *new* ones I added to my collection. These molds are great not just for clay but they do work for hot glue cabochons/embellishments without ruining the mold. I have made adorable cupcakes using hot glue in the bake shop mold and applied some double sided tape to attach to a Birthday card.

The one on the far right is the Nature’s Starter kit. It comes with air-dry clay, floral wire, floral tape, and some sculpting tools. I have to say I don’t really like the air-dry clay that comes in the kit. It smells like hand sanitizer or alcohol-ish odor and when it fully dries it’s not hard but rather a flexible foam like material. But the clay itself is very very soft like working with marshmallows and feels similar in texture.

If you’re looking for a flexible material then this air-dry clay that comes in the kit should be fine. But if you’re looking for something harder like to make magnets or deco-den I’d suggest using a different air-dry clay like Crayola. I’ve tried using the Fimo Air-Dry clay but that one just takes too long to dry *72  hours*. I think you’re best use for this would be Polymer clay. Crayola dries fast in under 24 hours but it’s very crumbly and fragile. It will chip or crack if you accidentally drop it. It might work great as a cute paperweight but as a magnet or anything it’s a bit too heavy. I found these molds are best when used with Polymer Clay or Hot Glue.

I have also tried playing with Crayola’s model magic stuff. It’s very similar to the air-dry clay that comes in the Martha Stewart starter kit. Once it’s completely dry it also has a flexible Styrofoam-ish texture. Might be great to use only if you’re looking for a flexible end result like if you were to use it for a pin/brooch, hair accessory, etc.

Ok, now on to the next item I’ve been tinkering with. That’s the Wilton Gum Paste Flower Kit *Top pic*. This is meant for Fondant cake decorations but it works fine with Polymer clay too. You can make Faux flower arrangements with the many cookie cutter type pieces that are in the kit. The book that gives you instructions to making each flower is very detailed. One item you will also need to grab along with this item is this …


This is the Wilton Flower Impression mat. You’ll need this to make realistic details on each petal or leaf. It’s not really necessary as you can make the marks by hand with a clay tool but if you’re lazy like me this helps. The circular dots are molds to make the centers of flowers like the center for a Sunflower or Daisy. This kit is really fun and if you’re CR8TiV you can make wonderful Faux flower bouquets for someones Birthday or special occasion. With the help of chalk pastels you can color them to be as realistic as you want !

If you want a little flexible petals use Fimo Soft or the Bend ‘n Bake clay which has a bit of a rubbery flex to it. But this kit is really fun and I can imagine how cute it might be to use the smaller flower cutters with cookie dough and make realistic flower cookies. Give it a try and have fun !! So that’s what I’ve been up to. Also drawing here and there’s evidence of that on my Instagram page *MYTCR8TiV* where I recently did a drawing challenge of drawing a Leopard cub. Hope you have a CR8TiV weekend and remember to B3 B0LD … B3 iNSPiR3D … B3 CR8TiV ~ MYT CR8TiV

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Promarkers .vs. Prismacolor : Marker comparison

prismacolor-marker-single-bHappy Friday !! The wonderful people at Prismacolor sent me a sample of their markers so I can do a comparison for you. Of course the #1 difference between the two markers is Price ! Promarkers are alot more affordable than Prismacolor markers. Equally work beautifully. I’m going to start by writing about Promarkers.

So Promarkers are made by LetraSet and they come in a vast varieties of colors. The best value in my opinion is buying the 12 color Sets. There’s a Set 1 and Set 2. If you purchase both set 1 & 2 you will have 24 colors to work with and Set 2 seems to be the most popular that is often goes OUT OF STOCK quickly.

In the Set 1 are the following colors : Henna ~ Ruby ~ Bright Orange ~ Canary ~ Lime Green ~ Forest Green ~ Sky Blue ~ Indigo Blue ~ Amethyst ~ Rose Pink ~ Cool Gray ~ Black and a Colorless Blender pen.

In Set 2 are the following colors : Walnut ~ Umber ~ Soft Peach ~ Primrose ~ Lemon ~ Artic Blue ~ Cobalt Blue ~ Fuschia Pink ~ Cerise ~ Pale Pink ~ Almond ~ Sun Kissed Pink and a Colorless Blender pen.

Promakers color layout is very smooth and what I mean by color layout is when you color with them you will not see streaking like you would with Crayola markers or Roseart. The only trouble I have had with Promarkers is that they were dried out. My 1st set I bought was the Promarker set 1 and the Indigo Blue marker was dried out. I had to exchange the pack hoping the 2nd one didn’t have any dried out markers. So be sure to check each marker in your packs.

Recently Promarkers had a sale on their 2013 Seasonal 24 color marker set and to my disappointment I found another dried up marker and one that was saturated in ink that it was dripping out the tip. Promarkers were nice enough to send me replacements. Other than the fact that I kept finding dried out markers they color very smoothly and blend well. They do tend to bleed through the paper so be sure that you use a thick paper.

Now with Prismacolor markers they sent me a Carmine Red, Crimson Red, and Tan. The Tan marker had a brush tip and Fine tip. The Carmine Red and Crimson Red has a Chisel tip and Fine tip. The first thing I noticed when I tested these sample markers out was the strong nail polish like smell. I definitely would advise using these markers in a well ventilated room as they are pretty strong smelling markers.

The color layout was flawless similar to the Promarkers. I do like the feel of the marker in your hand it feels comfortable to hold where as the Promarker kinda leaves your hands tired after awhile. I can’t really tell you if there’s any BIG differences between the two markers beside price but I think if you have the money I would go with both brands of markers. Colors vary with both brands so colors that Promarkers don’t have Prismacolor probably does and vice versa. Promarkers offer 148 colors to chose from and Prismacolor has 200. I would be satisfied for a very long time if I had 348 colors to chose from.

Overall I think if you can afford them get Prismacolor markers but if you’re on a budget Promarkers are the next best thing. My opinions about the Prismacolor markers is different than the Prismacolor Colored Pencils. I actually like the colored markers just wish I could afford a set. :P


Paracord “Survival” Bracelet uses …

Snoopy_and_Woodstock_campingIf you read my previous post I was talking about how I am trying out a *new* craft expanding my never ending repertoire of Crafts which was Paracord bracelets. You know you are deeply addicted to a craft project when your hands end up with calluses and you’ve burnt your fingers a few times. :P

I really enjoy making these Paracord bracelets and I intended to … 1.) Learn a *new* craft – 2.) Make some for myself – 3.) Use them as gifts for Birthdays and such. I never imagined the BOOM it would become when my husband goes to work making a Paracord bracelet I made him and end up getting orders from co-workers who also wanted one !!

(ñ~ñ) It felt like I was getting non-stop orders for like a week which was quite fun since making these Paracords are quite simple and making one only takes me about 15-20 minutes. Things are finally starting to settle down and everyone is happy with their Paracord bracelets. One of my co-workers though asked why they’re called Survival bracelets and if I can provide him a list of ways to use them for survival.

I starting writing up a list to include in each Paracord bracelet order. I found 10 ways a Paracord Bracelet can save your Life on a website @ Some of the ways kinda seems dumb to me like the flossing for example. Who would think about flossing when they’re lost in the wilderness ? I tweaked the list a bit adding my own ways.

But before I post up my list. Let me explain to you the different Paracord string numbers. I’m sure if you’re making Paracords  yourself you’ve purchase Paracord strings and wondered what the 325 and 550 meant. Those numbers determine how much weight the Paracord string can stand. I haven’t exactly tested it myself to see if it’s true but apparently 325 means it can withstand 325 lbs. and 550 can withstand 550 lbs.

Each Paracord bracelet depending on the length of it has 8-20′ feet of rope. That’s enough rope to help you hike a small cliff or climb up a tree for a higher view of your surroundings. So with that being said here is the list of the 10 ways a Paracord Bracelet can save your Life with a few of my own ways added in …

  • 1.) Make a Shelter : You can use the Paracord rope to tie branches together to make the frame for a tent and use leaves to fill in the walls.
  • 2.) Go Fishing : The inner threads of a Paracord bracelet can be tied together to make a Fishing net to catch fish and if you have a hook or any metal that can be bent into a hook you can attach it to the Paracord. Bait wise find bugs or dig for worms.
  • 3.) Trap Food : Make a snare trap using a branch and catch any animal that happens to be passing by.
  • 4.) Start a Fire : If you have a lighter the interior of a Paracord bracelet make very good fire starter. But if you don’t have a lighter you can create a bow using the Paracord rope and twirl a stick til friction causes a fire.
  • 5.) Make a Tourniquet : There are many poisonous plants and animals in the wild. If you happen to get bit or hit by one you can wrap a Paracord rope around your arm/leg to make a tourniquet to cut off blood flow.
  • 6.) Mark a Trail : Mark your path by tying a piece of Paracord around a tree so you know how to get back the way you came.
  • 7.) Repair your Backpack/Shoes : If you happen to break your shoe laces while wandering the wilderness … a Paracord bracelet rope can be used as a shoelace replacement and if you rip a hole in your backpack you can sew it back up using the interior threads from the bracelet. *You’ll need a needle but if you have a knife  you can widdle one from a piece of wood*
  • 8.) Protect your belongings : Use your Paracord bracelet rope to string up your personal belongings high up in the trees so that wildlife cannot get to them.
  • 9.) Hang your clothes to dry : Tie your paracord between two trees/branches to create a laundry line to hang your clothes up after washing them in the river or crossing a river or if the weather turns into a down pour.
  • 10.) Climb up high : Depending on the rope strength used in the Paracord bracelet *I use 550* it can hold alot of weight. Use it to help yourself climb up a tree to get a better view of your surroundings or to climb up small cliffs. Might be useful if you are being chased by a wild animal. (¬⌂¬) Except bears as they can climb trees.

So those are the top 10 ways that your Paracord bracelet can save your life. Let us hope that we never have to use them but you feel safe knowing that if you do have one you’ll be okay for the time being. Please, be prepared and safe on all your CR8TiV adventures !!

B3 SAF3, B3 iNSPiR3D, B3 BOLD, B3 CR8TiV ~ MYT CR8TiV.




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